What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Number for WhatsApp?

The more popular the social network becomes, the more restrictions it has. As long as there are few users on the platform, everything is allowed to them. The ban policy kicks in when the social networking site achieves huge popularity and turns into a suitable environment for:

  • mass mailing
  • advertising
  • provocative statements that might hurt someone

In this case, accounts of violators are blocked, and if they want to create a new one, they have to change their SIM cards. That’s what happened to one of the most popular social networks — WhatsApp. However, you can use a virtual number for WhatsApp to get around the harsh measures of the service.

What Are the Benefits of Registering on WhatsApp with a Virtual Number?

  • You stop worrying about anything because you know that you can always register a new account with a new virtual number.
  • You can create as many accounts as you like.
  • You can use your WhatsApp account for business without fear of being banned since all your personal information and contacts with close people will be stored in another account tied to your main phone number.

A Wide Range of Virtual Numbers in HotTelecom

HotTelecom offers different tariff plans for virtual numbers depending on your needs. You can choose:

  • One-time number for receiving SMS. You can register on one website with the number, which is then deactivated.
  • Permanent number for receiving SMS. With this service, you can sign up for many sites as long as you pay a monthly fee.
  • Virtual phone number. Its advantage is that it can be used as a regular phone number. But at the same time, you do not need a smartphone at all to use it. Calls can be made through any device connected to the Internet.

The more restrictions we face, the stronger the desire to bypass them. And with the help of virtual numbers from HotTelecom, this will not be difficult.

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