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Are you a cryptocurrency holder? Do you want to secure your cryptos holding? are you worried about the possible attack on your cryptocurrency hold? well, most of the software wallets are known to security threats. That’s why you should avoid using those. The better solution is to use CoolWallet S.

The HelpINeedHelp has latest CoolWallet S discount codes and deals for all our readers. All you have to scroll the page down to find the promo code for same.

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I have been investing into BTC and ETH since 2017. But since last few years, I read so many news and rumors about the stolen wallet. Hence, I decided to switch to the CoolWallet. I must say, they are unique and super secured. If you are reading this review, then you must consider using them for your all kind of cryptocurrency holding.

Top Most CoolWallet S Coupons and Offer Codes

CWS10 or DUO10 (Editor’s Choice)

Here are the sitewide valid promo codes that you can use against your first order. Enjoy $10 off on your first order.

Save $40 OFF (Trending Hot)

Here is the deal for all those who want to purchase multiple wallets. Order two CoolWallet S at whopping $40 discount price. It cost you $159 only, normal price is $199.

Extra Up to 10% OFF

Order the Coolwallet Pro through and enjoy 10% off on your entire order. You must select the as your payment method at checkout to claim this offer.

Coolwallet Lucky Draw

Purchase the world’s best hardwallet wallet and get a chance to win BNB for FREE.

CoolWallet S: The Best Crypto Hardware Wallet

If you are holding the Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, want to store that into the hardware wallet, then look no further. You should purchase CoolWallet S or CoolWallet Pro now. It is the unique, slim and designer HW wallet that will secure your Bitcoin. You can use it on Android and iOS OS as well. It is portable device with 2+1 Factor authentication. CoolWallet S let you track and exchange assets too.

CoolWallet is the product of CoolbitX – the leading Blockchain company. It was founded in 2014 to provide the user-friendly blockchain solutions. CoolWallet is the credit card sized, pocket-friendly Bluetooth hardware wallet. It supports various tokens such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, ERC20 and much more. It takes just few simple steps to configure your hardware wallet. Please visit the official site to know more about same.

If you are here, then you must be looking for CoolWallet promo code. Yes, we provide the Coolbitx coupon codes, so that you get discount on your hardware wallet.

Why Choose CoolWallet Pro Over Others?

There are so many hardware wallets available on the market, but CoolWallet stands out out of the crowd.

You can track, send and receive cryptocurrency from your cold storage. It has all the marketplace trading features such as token to token exchange, WalletConnect, NFT collectibles, airdrops, Defi protocols and much more. You earn rewards on your holding of digital assets in your Pro wallet. The Coolwallet Pro has upgraded chipset and higher CC EAL6+ rating.

The best thing about the company, they constantly upgrade their hardware wallet, so that you always have safe, and secure wallet for your holding. Pair your device through the award winning application to start using it through your mobile phone too.

CoolWallet Promos and Coolbitx Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes: 2

Average discount $10 off

Last Used: Today

Products and Pricing

There are two main products available by the Coolbitx.

CoolWallet S is the basic hardware wallet. It has encrypted Bluetooh connection, EAL 5+ certified secure element, trading features and multi-cryptocurrency support. The price of the S is $99 only.

CoolWallet Pro has alll the features the S contains. Apart from that, Pro supports stacking, and more coins. Furthermore, with the Pro, you have ability for Defi, NFT, Dapp and other in-app integration. It cost you $149 only.

Your package contains your Coolwallet, charging dock and two seed recovery cards. You can use our CoolWallet coupon codes to enjoy discount on your entire order.

Shocking Facts About CoolWallet Discount Codes

Finding CoolWallet discount code become more and more easy now. All you have to search in Google and you will see so many websites with the promo codes for CoolWallet S and Pro. However, most of such sites are fake and don’t have actual coupons. That’s why I suggest to stick to the official site only to find your CoolWallet S or Pro coupons. You can subscribe to their email newsletter to find promo code, discounts and voucher codes.

3 CoolWallet FAQs

Can I use CoolWallet S coupon code for the Pro order?

Most of the miner promo codes listed on this page are sitewide valid. So that you can use it against any order. However, there are some coupons that is product specific for CoolWallet.

Is there any CoolWallet Pro discount for the non-profits?

Unfortunately, currently there is no any dedicated CoolWallet S coupon code for the charity or a non-profit organization. However, we have so many generic coupons that you can use againstĀ  your order.

Do they provide free shipping?

The Coolbitx often provide the free shipping on US and Canada order. In order to claim free deliver, you must quality for the minimum order requirement.

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