Cool Getmyid Discounts and Coupon Codes for MyID Plus

Here are Getmyid coupon codes to access medical profiles at up to 30% discount price. HelpINeedHelp has lifetime free deals on Getmyid Plus too.

Need access to your medical reports in seconds? Are you searching for an application that will allow accessing your medical report anywhere at any time? Getmyid shop allows you to share your medical report with everyone. Searching for a  Getmyid discount code? Then scroll down to get your code.

getmyid plan coupon code

This product is more useful for persons with serious medical completions in their bodies. You can also gift to your loved ones because it protects their lives. They have 30 days return policy,  Don’t wait to grab our Getmyid discount code get done it now. Use our Getmyid discount code to get an exciting price reduction on your purchase.

Top Most Getmyid Coupons and Offer Code

Get MyID Plus for $1.99/mon only

Now you can join the Plus membership for as low as $1.99/month only. No need to use any promo codes here.

Free Trial for Plus

For a limited time only, get an access to MyID Plus for 30 days for FREE. No any commitment, you can cancel anytime you wish.

Forever Free Membership

MyID Profile is available for FREE for a life. It has limited features, so if you want more feature, then upgrade to Plus.

What is Getmyid?

The Getmyid is a platform that stores your medical information. Using Getmyid anyone can access your medical information, which can save your life or the life of your loved ones. By scanning the QR  code in your band can get all your details.

Getmyid is a platform that solved the major problem faced by doctors providing medications to random people. Getmyid helps in storing all your medical data and accessible anywhere anytime. The cost of this average, as it saves our lives we can definitely choose Getmyid.

Having your medical reports with you can save your life! Get saved your lives with our Getmyid coupon code! Scroll down and grab your discount.

Amazing Features of Getmyid

Improve Healthcare:

Healthcare is in just a few clicks! The Getmyid allows you to connect with the other Getmyid users for getting medications, consultations, and a lot more.     

Access Anywhere Anytime:

You can upload all your medical details, reports to your GetMyid profile. So that you can access it anytime anywhere by anyone. If any emergency anyone can know your medical profile and treat you accordingly.

Save Lives:

You can also add contact details to your Getmyid profile, so that if any emergency anyone can contact your family to inform them that you are under emergency.

For more detailed information and features of the Getmyid, you can check out their profile.

Getmyid Promos and Discounts

List of Get my id coupon codes: 3+

Average discount: 30% off

Last Updated: 3 Days Ago

Products and Pricing

They have two plans, Myid profile, and Myid profile plus. The Myid profile is free for a lifetime and Myid profile plus is 1.99$ per month.

The features that come with  Free Myid Profile are

  • Personal Information
  • Vital Conditions
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Emergency Contacts

The additional features with the plan Getmyid profile are,

  • 10 Additional Categories
  • Document Storage
  • Text Alerts When Scanned
  • Profile Activity Log
  • Rate and Review Community
  • Pill Reminder
  • Share Profile and Document

They have various hand bands as products, the main purpose of the hand bands or bracelets is to scan the QR code and get medical information about the specific personality. Please make sure to choose their plan for a year to claim huge discount. It doesn’t need any Getmyid promo codes from your side.

Some of their  products and pricing are mentioned below,

  • GetMyID Flex Nylon Medical ID Bracelet

The Myid Flex Nylon Medical Bracelet is made of premium nylon material with velcro attached. This provides you with comfort and looks stylish.

The cost of the myid flex Nylon Medical ID Bracelet is $34.95. Available for sizes S•M = 5″- 8″

M•L = 6″- 9″.

Moreover, it comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty and water-resistant.

  • GetMyID Flex Silicone Medical ID Bracelet

The Myid Flex Silicone Medical ID Bracelet is made up of silicone which suits your hand perfectly. The cost of the bracelet is $34.95. This band is provided with one size that is you can trim or adjust the size. This band also comes with a 1year manufacturing warranty and water-resistant.

For more products and pricing please visit the website of GetMyid.

3 Getmyid FAQs by Help I Need Help

What are the features that the Free Myid profile has?

The free Myid Profile has Personal Information, Vital Conditions, Medications, Allergies, and Emergency Contacts.

Can I Getmyid discount an individual product variant included in a collection?

You can apply Getmyid coupon codes to specific variants of a product. These codes will apply to all quantities of the discounted variant in a cart.

Can I apply a Getmyid coupon code to the purchase of a gift card?

It depends on the company. Most promo codes cannot be applied to gift card codes. The exception is a product-specific discount where the product is a gift card.

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