BitBox02 Shift Crypto Discount Coupons for Hardware Wallet

Here are BitBox02 coupon codes for the hardware wallet. Enjoy up to 30% discount on BitBox02 when buy from Shift Crypto with our special promo codes.

Are you looking out for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a worldwide medium of exchange and store of value? Then, my friend, you are absolutely at the right destination. BitBox02 is your need. Are you searching for the BitBox02 Discount Code as well? Please scroll down to have a fair idea about BitBox02 and how to get hold of the promo code.

bitbox02 by shift crypto coupon code

The user highly recommends BitBox02 as a way to store your cryptocurrencies safely. There are many positive Shift Crypto reviews on the site, so without hesitation, go for it.

Top Most BitBox02 Coupons and Offer Codes

Save Up to 20% OFF (Editor’s Choice)

Please follow this exclusive link to redeem your 20% discount on BitBox02. It is available for first few orders only.

Free Shipping + Flash Sale

During the flash sale at, you can order Steelwallet, backup card and many more at up to 30% off, plus they provide free shipping on any order of $129 or more.

Earn Free Rewards Points (Bug Bounty Program)

Find out the bug and send them a proof or copy of your code. Once confirm, then will rewards with points. Later, you can convert your points for FREE stuff.

The BitBox02: The Hardware Wallet by

The BitBox02 equipment wallet stores the private keys for client’s bitcoins offline. One of the most accessible bitcoin wallets, for starters. Safe Keeping your crypto is not hard. With BitBox02, their coins remain safe with them.

The ultra-slim design avoids unwanted attention. Fully open-source. The device’s display screen provides credit transaction authentication. On the device is touch buttons providing a secure password to log in.

Please redeem our exclusive BitBox02 discount codes by logging into the official website of Shift Crypto now.

Stunning BitBox02 Shift Crypto Features

The BitBox02 cryptocurrency wallet is equipped with touch sensors to interact with the device. It hold guarantees you will not make any unwanted transactions.

Easy backup and restore

For peacefulness, backups are made to a microSD card and immediately can be controlled from the BitBox App. Alternatively, one can display your twenty recovery words. For a few days only, you can avail a flat 25% off by redeeming Shift Crypto Discount Code. It’s time to order BitBox02 at huge discount now.

OLED display

The large display lets one authenticate directly on the BitBox02 they are about to confirm, including all transaction details before logging in.

Cell Phone ready

Connect right away into the cell phone or PC with USB Type-C. The BitBox02 comes with a not compulsory USB Type C to USB Type-A connector and cable included.

The supported coins

BitBox02 supports cryptocurrency, Digital Global Money, and Ethereum request for comment -20 tokens.

Secure chip

A secure crypto processor protects against the safety check test. This includes the prevention of violent attacks and improved security of user’s private keys.

The universal second factor

Utilize your BitBox02 as a second-factor validation key for online records, like email and crypto trades.

Bitcoin-only edition available

The BitBox02 Bitcoin-just release has restricted firmware and only backs Bitcoin. Less code means less attack surface, which further enhances the safety when only storing Bitcoin.

Shift Crypto Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available BitBox02 coupons: 3

Average discount: 16% off

Last Update: 5 Days Ago

Shift Crypto Products and Pricing

Please choose the product according to your necessity. The pricing is quoted below.

The price of BitBox02 multi-edition is €119.00 only, while the BitBox02 only-edition comes at the cost of €119.00.

The BitBox02 comes with accessories as well. Please check the actual pricing of the accessories on the official website.

You can also use our BitBox02 Shift Crypto promo code to redeem additional offers and discounts. Avail free shipping for orders over € 250.

Exclusive Tips On BitBox02 Shift Crypto Discount Codes

Please don’t miss the golden chance to redeem the Shift Crypto Discount Code as you will get a fantastic discount. Most importantly, using a BitBox02 promo code won’t cost you a penny extra, but it will help you to reduce your spending. So by taking advantage of the discount, buy or choose BitBox02 over its competitor.

4 BitBox02 FAQs by HelpINeedHelp

Does an existing client avail of a BitBox02 discount if he wishes to upgrade?

Yes, the Shift Crypto are offering all our existing clients a loyalty discount to upgrade to BitBox02. The BitBox02 coupon code will be available as an alert in the BitBox app.

Can I avail myself a refund if my Shift Crypto product is defective?

Yes, indeed, the client can avail a refund.

Can I avail myself a scratch card BitBox02 coupon code on purchase?

Yes, one can avail a scratch card Shift Crypto promotional code on a purchase by fulfilling the terms and conditions.

Are there any special ShiftCrypto promotional codes offered during the purchase?

This solely depends on the decision of the company. Please log in to the official website for more information about promo codes and coupons.

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