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Qualia Mind by Neurohacker Collective is an uniquely formulated brain supplement. They use a latest technology and scientific research to improve the functioning of your nervous system and brain. It is needed to gain the higher levels of cognitive support. If you are looking for something better than noontropic; then this is the product. It is the science backed formula for improved memory, focus and clarity. They also provide the strategy to optimize your mental health.

Neurohacker Collective Qualia mind coupon code

The Neurohacker Collective makes and supplies the groundbreaking products for your whole well-being. Their signature product; The Qualia™ is a combination of the nootropic dietary supplements. The nootropic stack supports your mental health and overall brain function. The company not only carries the brain supplements; but also feature the collective brain health materials. It is not just another low quality nootropic. It is being recommended by doctors, scientist, healthcare practitioners and wellness experts.

Top rated Neurohacker Collective Coupons and Qualia Mind Codes

WELCOMEMIND (100% Working) – Copy and apply a code at the time of buying any of their Qualia product to get $10 discount. It is good for your very first order only. A code is exclusively available for the newsletter subscribers.

Flat 50% Off (Best Value!) – It is the most popular promotion. Order a Qualia Mind for $69.50 only. An offer is valid for your first shipment only. Regular price is $139.

Up to $35 Off + Free Bonus – Hurry and purchase the Qualia Focus at whopping $34.50 off the normal price. Plus receive a free cognitive assessment worth $10. You need to subscribe to claim the deal. Furthermore; the deal is good for your first month’s purchase only.

Free Qualia Mind – Sign up for the newsletter to get the foundation guide for free. Plus receive a voucher to order their product. Furthermore; you can earn a free bottle of Qualia Mind! They disclose a new winner each month.

Is Qualia The Best Brain Supplement?

Based in Encinitas, California; The Neurohacker Collective is the privately owned biotechnology company. It was started in 2015 by James Schmachtenberger, Jordan Greenhall and Daniel Schmachtenberger. The mission is the develop best class wee-being product by using unique methodology.┬áThe Qualia is the signature product of Neurohacker. It is the result of countless hours of research by the industry’s top scientists. The Qualia is a two step formula. Take a first dosage; when you first wake up on an empty stomach. You need to take second dosage with either lunch or breakfast. That means; you need to make a gap of at least 30 minutes between two dosages.a

Below are some reasons to purchase the Qualia by Neurohacker Collective:

  • They use high purity, most potent and bio available form of ingredients only.
  • All the ingredients are the result of scientific research. Furthermore; the company uses highly quality ingredients only.
  • It is 100% vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free supplement.
  • All the products are proudly made in San Diego, California.
  • They provide 100% Money back guarantee. If you are not happy; then ask them. You get the full refund within 100 days. You don’t have to return anything.
  • It is available without caffeine.

Products and Pricing

The Neurohacker Collective offers two main brain supplements – Qualia Mind and a Qualia Focus. If you are allergic to caffeine; then order a caffeine-free edition of the Qualia Mind. Both Qualia Mind and the Focus are premier nootropics to maximize your brain health. I suggest to read the product comparison page to find the best supplement for your mental health. Please keep in mind that; Both Qualia Mind and Focus are standalone stacks. You cannot take it together. The price is $139 and $69 respectively. If cost isn’t an issue; then a Mind is the premium product. If budget is strict; then a Focus is a powerful formula.

A Neurohacker Collective coupon code is available for first time users only. If you are a returning customer; then try a long term membership promotional offer. Save up to 50% off without any Qualia promo code there.

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