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Thodio is the manufacturer and supplier of the iconic wireless speakers. They use the latest technology and specs to build the high-end custom Bluetooth speakers with long lasting materials. In fact; It is the combination of both modern technology and old vintage design. It is designated in such a way that; the speaker appears as an owl face. If music and fashion are your life; then this is the product.

thodio speakers coupon code

Unlike many other sleek wireless speakers; the Thodio is an iconic speakers. You can use it as a personal music instrument or for small party as well. Why should you compromise on your sound device? Get something eye-catching device that perfectly suits your personality. You just need to connect it with an audio output to start listing your favorite songs. If you want to buy Bluetooth speakers with loud and clear sounds; then Thodio is the brand. You can use it for your party as well.

Top rated Thodio Coupons and Codes

DISCOUNT10 – It is latest and 100% working offer. Receive 10% discount on your any order. Please make sure to signup for their newsletter to get more such attractive offers.

Speaker for $299 – Go and get your original A-Box AAMO Can speaker starting from $299 only. It comes with free personal and live support from their experts. You also get 3 years of full warranty here.

Free Shipping – Purchase high-end wireless speakers without worrying about hefty delivery charges. They offer free worldwide shipping for all the orders of speaker. No any minimum purchase requirement.

$100 Off (Old and Unreliable Offer) – This may no longer available. However you should still try to open a page to see; if It is available or not. During the introductory promotion; you can purchase iBox Mini Bamboo speaker at $100 discount. No any special code required from your side. The product page itself reflects the promo price.

Is It Best Wireless Speakers?

Based in Nieuwkoop, Netherlands; the Thodio is an iconic wireless bamboo speakers. It was founded by Thomas Spaans in early 2005. Most of time wireless speaker sounds weak. That is mainly due to noise and poor design. Thanks to the Thodio; which is designed by the German designers and crafted by professional craftsmen. The craftsmanship and quality of speakers are second to none. It gives loud, clear and better sound quality than 99% of the Bluetooth speakers available today. Below are some awesome features of the Thodio speakers.

  • The speakers supports the hall with up to 3000 people. You get crystal clear and sharp sound even in huge hall.
  • It is lightweight and portable sound system. You can carry it anywhere.
  • Supports almost all the digital players such as Smartphone, Laptop, PC and Tablets.
  • There is a free Android and iOS application to enhance your experience.
  • All the A-Box unit are waterproof. The iBox Mini and XC can handle rain and splashes after treated with linseed oil for 3 times.
  • Up to 55 hours long batter life; once fully charged. You can charge your unit in your car with the help of inverter of less than 100 watts.
  • All the products come with an automatic battery charger.

Products and Pricing

There are three major model of a Thodio – A-Box, iBox and .50 CAL. Apart from those; there are two other models too; iBox XC Bamboo and iBox HC HD Bamboo. An iBox is available with standard as well as High Gloss coating. You can order gloss yachat coating latter for $175 only. The price is an Original A-Box, .50 Cal A box, iBox Mini, iBox XC and iBox XC HD is $299, $419, $529, $899 and $1174 respectively.

A Thodio coupon code is available; once you signup for their newsletter. You should redeem a promo code on a sale item to get additional saving on speakers. All their speakers come with 3 year full warranty, 30 days money back guarantee and free international shipping.

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