10 Tips for Flavor-Chasing Vapers

Vaping has become quite popular nowadays, with many people doing it for different reasons. Flavor is a major aspect of vaping, and many people seek to explore different types of flavors. Flavor-chasing involves making the necessary adjustments so that you have the best experience possible from your vape juice. This article gives tips on how to maximize the vaping experience for flavor-chasers.

  1.     Go for a higher percentage of Propylene Glycol (PG) juice

Making the right choice of juice, that is, juices with higher PG levels, is critical to enhancing the flavor. PG juices hold flavor better than those rich in Vegetable Glycerin (VG). These are good for cloud chasers, but not for those who are after the flavor.

  1.     Fight vaper’s tongue

Vaper’s tongue occurs when the ability to taste vape juice is lost or reduced. It is often as a result of using the same flavor over a period of time or due to dehydration. There are a number of tricks you can use to avoid this condition, such as ensuring that you are hydrated, eating citrus fruits, and switching to a new flavor of the juices.

  1.     Adjust your settings

Temperature and wattage settings are crucial to get the best flavor. Different flavors require different temperatures, and learning this will be useful while vaping. To achieve the ideal temperature, start with lower settings and then gradually increase to the top.

  1.     Cut down on airflow

High airflow is good for cloud chasers because they are able to produce bigger clouds with less dense vapor. However, if you’re looking to enhance flavor, limited airflow is ideal because it produces dense and warm vape that has more flavor.

  1.     Choose the type of wick and coil materials

The materials used to make the coil, tank, and wick matter when it comes to flavor. A dual coil setup is preferred because more vapor is produced, which leads to more flavor. A glass tank is better than tanks made from other materials, like plastic. The material used for the wick matters, and Japanese organic cotton is ideal. Vapers can purchase coils and wicks that have the above qualities from ePuffer, as well as other vaping supplies of the best quality.

  1.     Switch to a narrow bore drip tip

Modern atomizers and tanks have large drip tips. This is ideal for cloud chasers because the vape is airier and they can make huge clouds. Switch the wide drip tip to a narrower tip to achieve that rich flavor.

  1.     Choose the right coil

Your preferred type of coil should be the one that gives you the best flavors. Choose a bottom coil and use a sub ohm tank with a small atomizer head for the best results.

  1.     Keep your equipment clean

Having a clean setup will ensure that you get the most out of your vape juice. If not cleaned, residues of different flavors left in the tank may mix together and ruin the flavor.

  1.     Check the airflow hole position  

Many atomizers have either airflow holes on the side or at the top. For flavor-chasers, coils with airflow holes underneath are the best for boosting flavors.

  1. Protect your vape juice

Vape juice should be stored in dark and cool places to avoid losing the flavor. Avoid putting it in places with heat, open air, and light.


There are many ways to improve the flavor for vapers as mentioned above. Use these tips to improve flavors and to get the most out of your vaping experience.

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