ELLIPAL Coupon: Get Discount Code for Titan Wallet

Today, HelpINeedHelp is pleased to inform that we have latest ELLIPAL Titan coupon codes to get huge discount on your online order.

Wait if you are planning to order hardware wallets for your coins security! The concept of h/w wallet is very old, and you can not relay on that anymore. Due to the fact that such hardware devices too have internet access, one can easily break it and fetch your data. In fact, you need more than just hardware wallet – a cold cryptocurrency wallet.

ellipal titan wallet coupon code

ELLIPAL is the world’s leading cold storage wallet for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It provides one stop solution to manage your tokens from a device as well as mobile too. It’s time to secure your cryptocurrency with air-gapped, and strongest cold wallet. Good thing is, such device works seamlessly with your smartphone too.

Do you want to perform multiple finance activities within same interface? then an ELLIPAL is probably the best option. You can convert coin to coin, earn interest on your crypto and trade securely anywhere at anytime. An ELLIPAL hardware wallet supports up to 10 accounts. You can manage multiple currencies within a single account too.

HelpINeedHelp team is proud to announce the ELLIPAL discount coupons as below. Hope that helps!

Top Most ELLIPAL Coupons and Offer Codes

Flat $50 OFF (Most Popular)

For a limited time only, you can order an ELLIPAL Titan wallet at $50 discount price. Normally $169. Hurry, the price may be hiked to anytime to the retail price.

Titan Bundle Promotion (Extra Up to 35% OFF)

During the Black Friday sale, you can order Titan bundle to save up to $78 off. It includes a cold wallet, metal mnemonics and a SD card.

Free Ripple (Spark Airdrop Offer)

Join The Spark and join the sale. Buy your wallet to get 20 free XRP. No need to use your promo codes here.

ELLIPAL – The Cold Hardware Wallet

Based in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the ELLIPAL is a blockchain technology company. It was founded in 2018 with the mission to bring most convenient hardware solution for all the individual who transact bitcoins. Most of hardware wallets are using Bluetooth and USB for app connection. So we cannot say that they are totally isolated from online devices. Unlike, the ELLIPAL Titan is the first fully cold storage wallet that doesn’t have any external connections like WiFi, Bluetooth etc.

How Does ELLIPAL Wallet Works?

The Titan is 100% air-gapped and offline device. It keeps all your private data safe from online hackers.

  • To send bitcoins, you need to first create a transaction on your ELLIPAL App.
  • Now sign in to your ELLIPAL wallet and scan app’s QR code.
  • Your wallet verify your transaction and generates another QR code.
  • Let’s now scan this QR code from your App.
  • Bingo! Your transaction is completed without any online communication.

The ELLIPAL Promos and Discounts

Available coupon codes: 3+

Average discount: $40 OFF

Last Update: Today only

Awesome Features of ELLIPAL

Below are some great features of an ELLIPAL Titan wallet. Make sure to use our coupon codes at ELLIPAL to get huge discount.

  • ELLIPAL is a fully Air-gapped that rely only one QR code for transfer data.
  • It is build with strong metal and seal with dust and water proof material.
  • It has anti-tamper mechanism to delete all your keys once any attack is detected.
  • You can import your own private keys and accounts from other wallets too.
  • ELLIPAL supports more than 700 assets and exchanges. Furthermore, every month more and more coins are being added to their database.
  • It is has large touch screen and lets you setup account within 5 minutes. Store your all coins in a single or multiple accounts of your wish.
  • Setup multiple passwords for enhanced security.

Products and Pricing

Retail price of an ELLIPAL Titan wallet is $169 only, but you can get it on a discount for $119 only. It is available in four colors; Grey, Yellow, Blue and Turquoise. Your package includes an ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet, Charging cord, a security adapter, an instruction manual, a Mnemonics card and ELLIPAL stickers. You can order a bundle of your ELLIPAL wallet too. It includes your cold wallet, Mnemonic Metal ($49) and a Sandisk 16GB Micro SD card ($9). You get aluminum key mnemonics value $39 for FREE with any order. You need to enter a promo code to claim it. Make sure to add both your key mnemonics and wallet into the cart at the order time.

3 FAQs by Help I Need Help Experts

What are the best ELLIPAL Titan coupon codes?

The Black Friday promotion is the best value promo code for ELLIPAL. Here you get your cold wallet at unbeatable price. There are some other deals too, but you cannot stack it with Cyber Monday deals.

How to claim ELLIPAL discount?

In order to get a discount, you don’t need any ELLIPAL coupon code. You just have to buy appropriate bundle and your discount applies automatically to your cart.

What is warranty and guarantee if any?

ELLIPAL comes with 12 months long warranty from the date of purchase. Furthermore, they provide free shipping on select US orders too. The international shipping is available at additional charges.

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