BLUETTI Solar Generator Coupons and Eb240 Discount

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Bluetti is one of the oldest brand focusing on portable power stations and solar generators. Do you want to get rid of a noisy gasoline inverter? Are you looking for Eco-friendly alternative to traditional generators? Well, you must go for Bluetti solar power station. All you need one time investment here. No need to buy gas to manage your generator anymore.

bluetti eb240 solar generator coupon code

The biggest problem with normal inverters are their operating cost. Need not to mention, they are bulky as well. Fortunately, there is a better solution for you. That’s what I am going to review today here.

The things have changed with the emerge of nano and micro technology. The result is gadget and tech device with smaller size. Whether it be Phone, Radio or a Computer; the everything is changed with latest technology. And the power supply isn’t excluded from it.

Team of Help I Need Help has carefully check products of BLUETTI against price, quality, and functionalities. We found no any major issue, that’s why we prepare our reviews below!

Latest Bluetti Coupons and Discount Offers

10%offall or AC24010%SHAREASALE (Most Recent) – Both are sitewide valid promotion except AC200. Please redeem this code to enjoy 10% discount on your entire order. Moreover, you get free shipping on any local orders within US.

AC10012%SHAREASALE or Crowdfunding (Editor’s Choice) – Bluetti AC200 is the latest crowd funding campaign on the IndieGogo. They are celebrating their success by providing $50 off on your entire order of $299 or more.

BLUETTI150– Do you want to purchase either a Bluetti EB150 or an EB240 Power Station? Well, here is a promo code. You can enjoy whopping up to $350 off.

AC1010%shareasale or HOBOTECH or BLUETTI2019 (Unreliable) – These are some old coupon and haven’t verified by HelpINeedHelp. Please try either to get anything from 5% off to 30% off.

BLUETTI – The Most Popular Portable Power Station

Based in California, the BLUETTI has been in power industry since 1991. They are not nonsense brand, instead they are technology leader and innovator since last 30 years. Bluetti is the leader of US, European and Japanese market since last 5 years. They spend great amount of time in research and development to bring the world’s most reliable power stations.

You must consider three things when buy any electronics item. It is quality, technology and price. We at Help I Need Help checked all these parameters to review this portable power station. We can say it is perfect balance of all these things. No need to break your budget to buy a quality solar power supply.

Most of Chinese brands just copy the original brand’s technology. I suggest to stay away from such copy-cats. Quality matters a lot when we are going to buy anything above $$$. Nobody likes to buy power supply that don’t work when you need it. Your portable solar generator should be easy to operate, fast charging, reliable and all weather bearable. This is where BLUETTI hits the ball.

Important Benefits and Features

HelpINeedHelp manually verify specification and features of BLUETTI Eb240 and other models. Below are the points for your review:

  • It is proudly made in US from extremely durable materials such as cast aluminum.
  • They uses LG Li-Ion rechargeable batteries for cordless power supply. It contains quality and stable lithium cells.
  • Every product is checked by battery management system to avoid heating, short circuit and over-charge issues.
  • The inner part of battery is covered by water-tight seal to keep it safe from outer environment.
  • Power stations are MPPT Pre installed and fully compatible with the solar panels. The result is up to 40% fast charging with solar panels.
  • The BLUETTI utilizes the technology to bring clean, and safe power wherever you want.

Products and Pricing

The Bluetti provides wide range of power backup for your home and outdoors. There are two series of power stations; EB and AC. The EB series includes Bluetti EB240, EB150 and EB40. It cost you $1899.99, $1299.99 and $369.99 respectively. The AC power series includes Bluetti AC200, AC100, AC50, AC20 and an AC10 models. It cost $1199, $899, $399.99, $299 and $129.99 respectively. The AC200 is available at 33% discount on crowd funding website. It is the best opportunity to stock your most versatile solar power supply. You can use this portable power stations to charge your AC or DC powered devices such as Laptop, Drone, Camera, Smartphone etc. You can also use it to run TV, Blender or other home appliances.

4 FAQs By HelpINeedHelp Experts

We at Help I Need Help gets regular queries about Bluetti discount and special promotion. Based on that, we have prepared some common questions and answers as listed below:

I have Bluetti coupons, where can I redeem it?

A Bluetti coupon code is valid for a purchase at official website only. You cannot use it when order from Amazon, eBay or other sites.

How to get maximum discount on Bluetti power stations?

Bluetti products are often available on sale. You just need to redeem your promo code on sale item to get maximum discount. Furthermore, you get free shipping on every order at official store.

What is warranty for the Bluetti products?

The company gives 2 years limited warranty on all their portable power stations. The warranty is for defects on product due to workmanship or material.

Is there any money back policy?

Yes, of course. The Bluetti provides 30 years money back guarantee on all the solar power stations. If you are not happy, then contact their team to get refund within 30 days from date of purchase.

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