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Read the YouHodler review before you try! Please claim your coupon code to receive up to $50 discount bonus here.

YouHodler is an online load platform based on Cryptocurrency. Here hodlers can earn money by depositing their cryptos into the virtual wallet. If you need a loan; then you need to use your crypto as collateral to get instant cash. The best thing; you get your loans in USD, EUR, USDT or even in BTC. Why should you sell your bitcoin – when you can get cash for same. Keep your cryptocurrency and get cash whenever you need. Isn’t it a cool?

youhodler $25 off promo code

YouHodler is an online system that connects lender with borrower. The entire system works on Cryptocurrency. If you have a Crypo in spare; then this is the best place to earn interest up to 14% APR. Don’t worry! Your funds are 100% secured and safe. The platform is also great; if you want to take a loan. Unlike traditional financial institute where you get only half of your security; the YouHodler has over 90% loan to value. While the Turbocharge option get you even more crypto than your deposit.

Top rated YouHodler Coupons and Codes

Earn Up to 12% ARP a Year (Editor’s Choice) – Are you new to their system? Please signup to their platform and earn up to 12% APR + compounding interest by depositing crypto in YouHodler Savings Accounts.

iPhone 12 for Active Hodlers (Contest) – Will Bitcoin reach over $2000 or down to $10000 before the Christmas? Will it be bull or bear? Participate into the contest to win a brand new iPhone for active HODLers.

Is It Legit and Safe Finance Site?

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland; YouHodler FinTech is an online platform that is focused on crypto-backed loan with USD, EUR, BTC and stablecoin loans. It was launched in 2016 by Ilya Volkov and Nick Isayev. The mission is to stop hodling and use crypto assets to continue the flow of cash. The company is the member of Crypto Valley Association and the Blockchain Association of Finance Commission. The team has awesome experience in trading, commercial finance and creating e-learning platforms. Till now; they have processed over 30 million USD for more than 15000 happy customers all around the world. Moreover; they are only finance institute to provide highest saving interest rate of 12% APR, and 90% loan-to-value (LTV) ration on the market.

Important Features of the YouHodler:

  • No need to pay daily or monthly recurring interest. Pay your interest once at the end of the loan term.
  • Receive your loan amount in USD, GBP, EUR and BTC as well.
  • They have unlimited* loan term with over 14 different collateral options.
  • Minimum loan amount is as low as just $100.
  • They use highly secured infrastructure and software with two factor security option.
  • From loans to storing your crypto; everything is within same user account.

How Does YouHodler Different?

If you are planning to start with; but still have some confusion here. You must read below points to make your crypto trading effective and smooth.

  • Use a desktop website or a Smart mobile application.
  • They have world’s most advanced and secured cold/hot wallet system to score your Cryptocurrency.
  • Turbocharge to use your BTC as collateral and get even much more crypto!
  • Multi HOLD function to multiply your funds. It increases your savings and keep your daily interest.
  • Provides saving accounts to earn a high interest on your deposits.

Products and Pricing

YouHodler basically provides two main functionalities; Crypto-backed loans and lending. Use your existing crypto to get instant cash loan. It support instant bank withdrawals. You can turn your unused crypto/cash into hot profit with up to 12% APR. Your interest rate is available on bitcoin and other stablecoins. They deposit your earning directly to your wallet every month.

Apart from these two services; You Hodler has an option to multiply your funds; Turbocharge and Multi-HOLD. These are two options that allow to trade and earn even more crypto. Don’t worry! There is no any rollover fees, and it is more flexible as well.

The YouHodler coupon code is mostly available for a new account signup. You cannot use a promo code for every new transaction. However; there are some special deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to earn more bonus!

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