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ProtonVPN is the premium Swiss VPN to secure your personal identity. Whether you are a student or frequent online shopper or an online business owner; the privacy is the crucial thing here. Even if you use internet from your home or office; the chances are high that you are leaking your details to hackers. No body wants to leak their personal data and banking details. If you are hesitating to surf interne, just because of possible hacker or malware attack; then here is the full proof solution for you.

protonvpn plus coupon code

Unlike many other VPN providers; the ProtonVPN mainly focuses on privacy. There are so many VPN brands; who still use old technology. The Proton VPN invests in the most advanced hardware and latest technology to safeguard your privacy. Apart from the virtual private network; the company also provides the ProtonMail. It is the world’s largest encrypted email provider. You can keep your browsing history hidden; even in the public internet connections.

Top rated ProtonVPN Coupons and Codes

Save 20% Off (100% Working!) – It is the best offer that last forever. All you need to purchase either Basic or Plus or Visionary plan for one year. You get flat 20% discount here. No need to hunt for any code and your coupon applies automatically at a cart.

Get $72 Off (Ongoing Promotion!) – Hurry and order a premium VPN and Protonmail Visionary plan at whopping $72 discount. You need to pay one year fee upfront to claim a deal.

Up to 33% Off – Head up and choose from the select plans to save up to 33% off the monthly price. It is valid for new subscribers only. There was 50% off promotion; during the Cyber Monday and Black Friday. It was valid for an order of 2 years VPN + Mail.

Free VPN – The Proron VPN believes that online privacy is not option; but it should be complementary for everyone. Hence; they provide VPN service for absolutely free.

Is ProtonMail Reliable and Safe VPN Provider?

Based in Geneva, Switzerland; the ProtonVPN was founded in 2017 by team of engineers at CERT and MIT. The ProtonMail was founded in 2014 by Proton Technologies AG. The core values are honesty, transparency, security, technology and community. They are group of developers, engineers and scientist; who are experts in internet technologies and security. Today; It is the only community supported secure VPN provider in the world. It is the best option to browse a website or streaming services that are blocked in your country. The VPN supports multiple OS and platforms such as mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop. Below are some outstanding features of the ProtonVPN:

  • At the time of writing this article; they have over 400 servers in more than 30 countries.
  • They use strongest encryption method with AES-256 and SHA256 protocol.
  • One time usable encryption key make sure that nobody can use it again in future to decrypt your data.
  • All their servers support strong protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2.
  • The High-end servers and advanced hardware ensure the lightening fast speed for users all around the world.
  • They strictly follow no logs policy.
  • They not only protect your surfing and streaming; but also protect your DNS queries.

Membership and Pricing

There are basically three paid memberships are available for the user of a ProtonVPN – Basic, Plus and Visionary. The Basic is entry level plan that cost $5 per month. The Plus is the most popular package that comes with all the important features. The price of a Plus is $10/m only. The Visionary adds ProtonMail on the top of the of Plus plan. It cost you $30/m only. All the plans are comes with built-in Tor over VPN support. So that you can access even Onion sites conveniently.

Unfortunately; a ProtonVPN coupon code is very rare. They mostly honor a special promotion during Black Friday, Christmas and Cyber Monday. You can still save up to 20% off on an annual membership. You don’t need any ProtonMail promo code for same.

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