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Neatcell Official is the Picosecond Laser Pen. It is the latest and widely popular innovation in personal skin care market. Do you want to get a rid of scare or spot marks? then this is the perfect product. No need to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars on lessor session! Now you can utilize the power of same laser technology to treat your skin care problem at your home. Most importantly within your budget!

Neatcell Official laser pen coupon code

Unlike many other beauty products; the Neatcell Official uses the latest laser technology to treat moles, acne, dark spots, Tattoos and freckles. The best thing about this device; you can use it on any part of your body. Why should you buy harmful pills or cream or expensive beauty session – when you can get a rid of your skincare issue in affordable and easy manner. The Neatcell Official is the over the counter scars remover. Since the device is based on laser therapy; I suggest to order it from official site only. Please read my review first.

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My Review: Is It The Best Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Pen?

Founded in 2017; the Neatcell Official is the most powerful yet safe alternative to laser tattoo removal. The Picosecond Laser Pen was originally founded by Dewin for spots and scars removal. Today; It is the most popular at-home mole, freckles and tattoo removal product. It is 100% authentic, FDA approved device that matches the highest industry standards to treat all kind of skincare problems.

How Does Neatcell Work?

In order to see the result; please take 1-3 session per week repeatedly for 4 weeks. It will give enough time to cause visible fading.

  1. First of all plugin the power to allow device to power on.
  2. Once you see the digital screen; press the “Fre/Hz” and “Inten” button to select frequency and intensity respectively. Please start with lowest mode first.
  3. Put the hole of the pen towards the targeted area.
  4. Cover that area with repair essence once you complete the operation. Do not expose targeted part to the sun.
  5. Repeat the steps at every few days if required.

Important Features:

  • It is portable, lightweight and suitable for beauty salon, home and training center too.
  • Painless, Easy and safe to use device.
  • More effective than laser beam and create no damage to skin tissues.
  • It uses latest laser therapy to treat even long standing melanin issues faster than expensive sessions.

Products and Pricing

Neatcell Official is the manufacturer and online seller of the Picosecond Laser Pen. There are two types of laser pen; Red Light and Blue Light. The Blue Light pen is more powerful and requires a professional operation. It is designed for beauty salon; while the Red Light pen is for personal home use only. The price of both laser pen is $150 each. For a limited time only; you can get it reduced price of $94.95 each. Please follow our link to apply a promo code automatically. The entire package includes one picosecond device, charge cable, safety goggles, a repair sticker, user manual (English) and a PDF guide for Laser Tattoo removal.

The Neatcell Official coupon code is the best way to save up to 25% off on your entire cart value. In order to qualify; you must add two pens in your cart. Your entire order is covered by 100% money back guarantee.

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