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Welcome to the page of the Shieldfolio coupon code. Here you got discount on your Shieldfolio notebook when apply our promo code at checkout.

Are you a cryptocurrency investor? Have you invested lot in crypto? Are you an owner of multiple crypto hardware wallet and software? Are you fed up storing your private keys? Don’t buy to keep bulky plats to store your private cryptocurrency keys and details? Here is the perfect solution for you.

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Like many other cryptocurrency investors, I too was not happy storing my private in steel plats and other bulky devices. It require space and also chances are high that family member may trashed it without notice. So I decided to try Shieldfolio – a personal cryptocurrency notebook. It is much like your personal diary with invisible ink. The ink of Shieldfolio is permanent, so I am happy to store all my private data over there.

Top Most Shieldfolio Coupons and Offer Codes

BHAVINSWADAS (Exclusive Offer)

Please copy this promo code at your checkout page, and you will get instant 20% discount on any regular price order.

Flat $5 OFF

For a limited time only, you can purchase the Stonebook notebook at $45 only, normal price is $50.

CYBER (Holiday Offer)

Head up and use another code. Get 10% off on your entire order.

Free Shipping

Now you can purchase your Shieldfolio at free shipping within US. No any minimum purchase requirement.

Shieldfolio: The World’s Best Notebook For Crypto Storage

Based in Los Angeles, California, Shieldfolio is the unique, and discreet cryptocurrency key storage device. It was founded couple of years ago by Freddy Hernandez to help the crypto investors to secure their private data. Shieldfolio Stonebook was designed and developed in 2019 from the crushed stone paper. It is 100% water-proof and comes with invisible ink marker pen for writing.

We all are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency. But do we really put it into secure place? What if out online data got hacked? We must keep our cryptocurrency private keys and data in secure offline place. This is where Shieldfolio comes into the picture. It is the smart notebook that you can use to store your private keys, password and other confidential information.

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Why Choose Shieldfolio Over Other Products?

Shieldfolio is the best way to back up your mnemonic phrase. It is 100% offline notebook that is made from the stone paper. You can use this notebook to store up to 50 crypto wallets. It is water resistant, tear resistant and safe from online hackers too.

In this modern technology days, the thieves too become techie in terms of hackers. They can easily hack your private data and steel all your information. That’s why it is better to keep the offline storage of your data. Shieldfolio is made up in such a way that nobody can understand the purpose of the notebook. Furthermore,  you can use the invisible ink pen to write your private keys without letting know anybody about it.

Lastly, the Shieldfolio comes with the manual encryption method, so that nobody can learn what you wrote.

Shieldfolio Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes: 2

Average Shieldfolio discount: 15% off

Last Update: 9 Days ago

Products and Pricing

Shieldfolio is the world’s first notebook for cryptocurrency private keys. It cost you $45 only. You can write up to 50 crypto keys over there. The ghost pen is used to write your private keys and passwords. It cost you $15 only. The company provide the worldwide shipping and discreet packing. You can use the Shieldfolio coupon codes to enjoy discount on their products.

3 Shieldfolio FAQs

Do you have any Shieldfolio coupon code?

Yes, of course. We have one exclusive promo code that you can use at Shieldfolio. Apart from that we have so many other coupons and promotional offers here.

Why don’t my Shieldfolio discount work?

There are so many reasons for not getting discount. You can Shieldfolio coupon code may be expired, or you have used invalid coupon. Chances are also high that you use coupon for the different product order.

What is the refund policy?

Like many other companies, Shieldfolio too wants you to be happy. They provide 30 days money back guarantee for any order. You have enough time to test their product before you make final decision.

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