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Scraper API is the artificial intelligence based web scrapping application. If you are scrapping websites frequently; then you must be handling lot of proxies, headless browsers and Captchas. Being a web scrapper handling all these things are must. In fact; the whole process is time consuming and gives you miserable result, if you can’t handle it correctly. Fortunately; there is an easy alternative for you.

Scraper API review and coupon code

Building a website scrapper has never been so easier! The Scraper API is the most advance system that handles your proxies, browser and Captcha, so that you can scrap any webpage with just an API call. No need to wait between two calls. Now you can protect your scrapper and never get blocked! In order to run your scrapper smoothly; you need to change your IP address and Captcha frequently. This is the most frustrating issue with any automatic web scrapper. This is where the Scraper API comes into the picture. It rotates your proxies and Captcha with every request; so that you can focus on your main work.

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Is It Safe and Reliable API for Web Scrapping?

Scraper API is the SaaS tech company that focuses on the field of web scrapping API. It was launched in 2018 by Daniel Ni – a freelance software developer. The idea is to help all the web scrapper and developer who is in the field of scrapping. Website scrapping; especially search query scrapping is the most tedious task for developer. Since you have to face block for constantly request. It affects your overall work efficiency. Fortunately; you can use Proxy API to ease your work.

Take a look at awesome benefits of Scraper API:

  • It is fully customizable system.
  • You can change request header, IP geolocation, request type and many more.
  • Reuse the same IP address multiple times by creating sessions.
  • Render Javascript with headless browser with the help of a single setting only.
  • It is fully automatic. You just need to set it up once and forget it.

Why To Choose Scraper API?

It has a pool of over 40 million IPs; so it constantly rotate your proxy IP from this pool to avoid IP blocking. They provide more than 12 country location with 50 more available on request. You can use it to get most accurate and localized result for your scrapper. They provide 99.9% Uptime Guarantee; so that you can work on your data collection task without any dependency.

The Scraper API provides unlimited bandwidth with the speed up to 100Mb per second. Furthermore; you can fastest support for your any queries. They handles more than 5 billion API request a month for 1500 plus businesses worldwide. It includes Amazon, Legalzoom, Symantec, Opendoor and more. They handles CAPTCHA, IP rotation and Javascript rendering; so that you can build fully scalable web crawler.

Membership and Pricing

There are four membership options available for a client of Scraper API – a Hobby, Startup, Business and an Enterprise. All these plans offer Unlimited Bandwidth; they only charge for successful requests. The Hobby supports 250,000 API calls with 10 Concurrent requests. It doesn’t come with JS rendering and Geotargeting. The price of Hobby plan is $29 per month. The Startup cost $99/month and supports 1,000,000 APIs and 25 concurrent requests. The Business supports JS Rendering and ALL Geotargeting. It cost $249 a month to give you 3,000,000 API with 50 requests.

Please use our exclusive scraper API coupon code to receive 10% off on already low price. They provide a promo code for volume order; do contact their support team. Furthermore; the ScraperApi offers 7 days no question asked money back Guarantee. So you have nothing to lose here!

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