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Pix Backpack is the fully customizable backpack that has programmable LED screen. You can gift it to your friend or family member. I am sure nobody has ever seen backpack like this. Pix Backpack contains high resolution pixelized LED screen that you can control through smartphone app. That means, you can upload your own image, widgets, animations or even play games on your Pix mini.

Are you planning to buy a new backpack? then Pix is probably the best option. It is stylish, sleek and enough to carry your daily needs like laptop etc. Most importantly, Pix Backpack is light weight and water resistant. So your LEDs won’t have an issue even if you walk through rain.

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Never left out of power! Order 1000mAh Romoss power bank for $39 only, normally $50.

Pix Backpack – The First Backpack for Techies

Pix Backpack is the brand new backpack with the programmable LED screen. It was all made in 2016 by Margaret Rimek and her two friends. It took more than 2 years and dozens of prototypes to make the first edition of backpack. Pix was initially launched at Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign. Team of Margaret collected over $340,000 in funding. Mission of Pix Backpack is to make people happy while they are on the go with the fully custom backpack.

What Can You Do With Pix Backpack?

  • Display your own artworks to make new friends with interest.
  • Highlight your message on backpack while riding bike or cycle for your safety.
  • Display your favorite characters, message or animations.
  • Play brain storming games that helps to test your memory and mind power.
  • Share your art with your friends with just one click.

Why Choose Pix Backpack?

There are so many reasons to buy Pix style, below are some common:

  • Large LED Screen with 16×20 resolution for million of color combinations.
  • It is made from fully flexible, and water resistant material. Bend it or walk under rain and pixel animation won’t be affected.
  • It is batter operated that has capability for 6 hours of nonstop usage.
  • The screen is shock-proof and when off, it is undetectable.
  • The Pix Backpack is fully operated through an mobile application available at Android app store. You can also download their iOS app for iPhone etc.
  • The Pix is the third party crash tested for durability and quality.

Pix Backpack Promos and Discounts

No of coupon codes: 1

Average discount: 10% off

Last changed: Day before yesterday

Products and Pricing

As of now there are two products available to buy at Pix.style.

The regular price of Pix Backpack is $259, but it is available on discount for $199. You can choose from three different colors; Cyan, Grey and Black. Backpack has 21 L capacity, so you can easily carry 15′ inch laptop with it.

Pix Mini is exclusively available for Kids. It is small in size that can accommodates all your kids school accessories like book, lunchbox, water bottles, craft box etc. The introductory price of Pix mini is $99 only, It may hike to the normal price ($159) anytime.

3 FAQs by The Experts of HelpINeedHelp

What are available Pix Backpack coupon codes?

HelpINeedhelp has an exclusive Pix Backpack coupon code. You can use our coupon to get 10% off on your entire order at Pix.style.

Can I get a discounted Pix Backpack at free shipping?

Yes of course! Pix Backpack provides free shipping on any order of US, Europe and Canada, no matter what quantity or promo code you used.

Do they provide warranty or guarantee?

Pix Backpack offers 1 year warranty on their LED backpacks against factory or workmanship defect. Furthermore, Pix Style provides 14 days refund policy for a new backpack.

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