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An Iron Neck is the name brand in the health sector that offers various equipment.They are best known for their Pro, Rehab and Varsity tools to reduce neck pain and injury recovery. If you are athlete or common man, who want an effective training device; then this is the tool. It not only eliminates common neck discomfort but also improve posture.

Iron neck pro varsity discount coupon

As you know that natural movement pattern of our neck is in horizontal and rotational direction. The IronNeck uses the latest technology to combines both. Hence; It provides you most effective exercise to handle various neck issues. You can take a short quiz to find the best size and model for you or your team. Why should we waste thousands of dollars on surgery to relocating our neck posture? Get It done with simple and cost-effective way.

Top rated Iron Neck Coupons and Codes

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Upto 25% Off – If you are representing a team or organization; then here is the deal. Buy 5 and get 1 free. Enjoy whopping $1250 off when you buy 8 units. Purchase 10 units to get three for free. Buy 15 or more to get 5 for free. It is whopping 25% off for you.

Free Trial – It’s time to live pain-free by trying an IronNeck product for free for 30 days. You need to provide valid billing and shipping details to redeem an offer. Your card won’t be charged during the trial period. They charge only; if you keep the product trial period.

SHIPFREE4TH – For a limited time only; enjoy a free domestic shipping with the code. If you are going to place an international order; then try “SHIPPINGINT” to save $50 off.

FATHERSDAY – It is an old code; so exact expiry date is not available. Use it to get an instant $100 discount on your entire order.

Is It Worth To Try Neck Training Tool?

An Iron Neck is the subsidiary of Mission Competition Fitness Equipment LLC; which was founded back in 2012. It is an Austin, Texas based tech health startup. Every unit comes with a cinch anchor, resistance band and skull cap. You can use the device is two different ways: 1) joining a cinch anchor with a vertical poll using a resistance band, or 2) clipping a device into an adjustable pulley system. Below are some great reasons to buy Iron Neck tool.

  • They offer 1 year full warranty. All major and minor manufacturer defects under normal wear and tear are covered by the warranty.
  • 100% natural, easy and safe way to eliminates neck pain and injuries.
  • It contains anti-microbial foam pads that can be cleaned with a wet wipes or cloths.
  • Fully adjustable fitting system that supports any head size.
  • Ability to adjust the rotation resistance. It is available for Pro and Varsity model only.

Products and Pricing

There are basically three main products are available for the customer of Iron Neck – Home, Varsity and Pro.The price of Home is $325 only. It is perfect for an individual, since it provides friction-free rotation. The cost of Varsity is $425 only. It gives you fixed rotational resistance and perfect option for a young athlete. The Pro model has an adjustable rotational resistance, so that best for multiple patients and athletes. It cost you $625 only. If you can’t afford pay whole amount; then choose a to buy it in fewer installment. Please try above Iron Neck coupon code to save up to 25% off the regular price. You cannot combine two different promo codes on a single order.

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