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Frog Fuel is the creator and supplier of fastest absorbed liquid collagen protein. What if you consumes grams of protein daily; but your body cannot digest it. The liquid collagen protein is fortified with amino acids. The amino acid is the most critical building block of the tissues in your body.  Your body can easily absorbs smaller particle. The Frog Fuel simply breaks down collagen naturally with fruit enzyme, so that your body can easily digest it.

FrogFuel liquid protein coupon code

Unlike many other supplement brands; the FrogFuel liquid protein is proven to fully digest within 15 minutes. It not only absorbs rapidly; but also performs in ways no other proteins do. According to the recent study; the Fortified collagen protein can heal wounds at 2x the rate. That is due to it’s amino acid profile and hydrolyzed collagen protein. On a positive note; Frog Fuel contains all the essential and nonessential amino acids plus Taurine.

Top rated FrogFuel Coupons and Codes

FrogFuel Black Friday is almost here, and FrogFuel is doing a sale from NOW to next Monday night the promo code is BFCM20 for 20% off. This sale applies to all customers, not just new customers so this is the best discount you can give your followers right now.

BHAVIN or TRYOP2LABS – If you are new to them; then please try either of a code to get huge discount on your very first order. It is not valid for returning users.

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Up to 17% Off – Buy a 16oz bottle of ProT Gold liquid protein to save up to 17% off the price of a single shot. No need to use any coupon here.

Sample for $10 – Order a 4-Pack Sample of ProT Gold or regular liquid protein for $10 each.

Free Shipping – Now you can order world’s top rated liquid protein without worry about delivery charge. Get your supplement at free 2 day shipping. It is valid for all the orders within the Continental United States only.

VETSDAY2018 – During the Veterans Day; you can use this code at checkout page to get 15% discount on your next order.

Is It Best Liquid Protein Provider?

The FrogFuel and ProT Gold are the Nano-Hydrolyzed liquid protein developed by two Navy Seals; Alexander Kunz and Jeff Byers. It is the most bioavailable proprietary collagen protein that you cannot find anywhere else. It is proven by an independent university study that ProT Gold can be 100% digested in less than 15 minutes. A Single shot of a Frog Fuel is equal to 1 gallon milk or 4 pounds of potatoes or 170g of meat or 210g of breads. The flagship product; ProT Gold is used by over 3000 medical nutrition to treat pressure ulcers, post-surgical wounds, burn, skin, weight loss and poor appetite.

The FrogFuel protein is certified Medical food by the FDA. It has everything you want and nothing you don’t. No any banned substances such as GMO, Sugar, Fats, Cholesterol, Gluten, Carbohydrates and artificial flavors. The ProT Gold is safe for dialysis patients, diabetics and allergic persons. Below are some reasons to buy the products of OP2 Labs:

  • They are committed to provide the highest quality supplement at unbeatable price.
  • Long Shelf Life: You can store liquid protein in room for 2 years.
  • Proudly manufactured in USA.
  • It provides benefits to the skin, nails, bones, hair, ligaments, tendons.
  • No need to mix anything; just drink a shot of 15 grams of protein in a 1oz serving.

Products and Pricing

The OP2 Labs carries two main supplements; FroFuel and ProT Gold. The FrogFuel itself break down into four types; Frog Fuel Power, Power Energized, Ultra and the Ultra Energized. The price of a box of 24 liquid protein shot is $48 only. A Single liquid protein shot is of 1oz, so an entire box contain 24 serving in total. The ProT Gold is available in a box of 24 shots, 16oz and 30 oz bottle. The price of each is $48, $26 and $46 respectively. Apart from ProT Gold, an OP2 Labs also offer ProT Gold + Fiber with same size and price.

A customer can try our FroFuel coupon code to save up to 20% off the retail price. Please make sure to stack your OP2 Labs discount with a free shipping to save even more. Signup for their email newsletter to receive a ProT Gold promo code and right in your mailbox.

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