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EmailListVerify is the legit bulk email list verification service. Do you want to get a rid of spam traps, disposable and bounce; then this is the best solution. It helps to find genuine emails with the bulk verifier. You can easily integrate it with your favorite email delivery services like as Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Constant Contact and many more. Most important thing is that; it is GDPR compliant company. So you can try it in European countries too.

EmailListVerify review and coupon code

EmailListVerify is the number #1 email list validator. It simply reduces your bounce rates by improving deliverability. It not only verifies bad contacts from your existing lists; but also catches bad emails before it get into your database. Best thing is that; the entire process is fully automatic. So you will always have a clean and legit list. Do you know that your domain can list as a spam; if you have less success rate! Fortunately; the EmailListVerify is the best platform to increase success rate.

Top rated EmailListVerify Coupons and Codes

CLEANIT (Newly Added!) – It is the best time to optimize your list in affordable way. Please use a code to receive 20% discount on your total order.

ELVBOUNCE – Why should you spend more on your email marketing services! Clean your list by removing bad contacts. Redeem a sitewide valid code at your cart to save 15% off.

Up to 58% Off – For a limited time only; you can validate up to 100,000 emails for $169 only. You save huge up to 58% off the normal price.

Save Up to 50% Off – Do you want to check a list on regular basis? Go ahead and choose any of their monthly package to save whopping up to 50% off.

Free Trial – Do you want to test their service? Enjoy the 1000 email verification for free. It is valid for 10 days only that includes 100 verifications per day. No need to supply your billing details!

It It a Legit and Safe Email Validation Service?

Based in UK; the EmailListVerify is the email validator platform. It was started in 2009 by Achraf Benfdela with the mission to helps businesses to increase ROI on the email marketing. If your list contain non-valid emails; then hard bounces from your campaign will ruin your sender reputation. It can trigger fraud alarm too. Fortunately; the ELV keep your within safe line by providing best email verification service. All you need to upload your dirty list from your dashboard. They support CSV, TXT, XLS and other formats too. It hardly takes few minutes to clean your entire list. At the last you can download your verified list in different formats.

Below are the stunning features of the Email List Verify:

  • It is safe and most accurate platform. They provide 99% delivery Guarantee.
  • Fast, Reliable and Affordable too. Plans starting from as low as $4 only.
  • Integrate with your email collection service to verify your emails directly in within those platforms.
  • The real time email verification for every new email that you collects. It save your time and keep your list clean too.
  • Uses proprietary algorithms that includes; domain validation, Email duplication, syntax verification, spam-tram removal.
  • They clean up, verify and sort out your list.

Products and Pricing

There are two flexible pricing options available by an EmailListVerify – a Pay As You Go and the Monthly subscription. If you want to verify your existing list for once; then go for Pay-as-you-go plans. No any monthly payments. It starts from $4 for 1000 emails. The Monthly plans are best for regular checkups. You save up to 50% off and allow to cancel anytime. The plans start from $139/mo for 5000 email verification per day. Both of these options are covered by 30 days money back guarantee.

An EmailListVerify coupon code is valid once per user. You cannot use it every month for recurring saving. However the Black Friday promo code is the best option to save huge. You can save whopping up to 80% off during that event.

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