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After some proper research, I came across Artsabers. I must say that they did not disappoint! I was impressed with the wide range of lightsabers they offer. The best part is, Artsabers has exact replicas of various iconic characters’ lightsabers. I decided to go with the Darth Vader, as it is one of the my favorite character in the Star Wars universe.

After getting the product, I was totally thrilled to see the exceptional quality. The hilt was solid and had a satisfying weight.

Top Most Artsabers Coupons and Offer Codes

BHAVINSWADAS (Trending and Working)

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MYSABER15 (Editor’s Choice)

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Free Lightsaber and Shipping

Make sure to spend $799 or more and receive a RGB lightsaber worth $139 for a free. Plus you get a free shipping within US.


During the Halloween sale, you can purchase any light saber at 15% off the total price.

Artsabers – The Best Destination To Buy Light Sabers Online

It looks and feels like a genuine weapon. With accurate engraving and beautiful design, they make the perfect replicate of the lightsaber. It truly felt like I was holding Vader’s lightsaber in my hands.

But the best part came when I turned it on. The blade emitted a vibrant, red glow that perfectly replicated the on-screen appearance. The sound effects were outstanding as well. I could feel and hear the authentic lightsaber noises when moved it around!

In order to validate my excitement, I asked for the opinion of an industry expert. According to Jame Jonathan, a film set designer, “Artsabers brings the top-notch lightsabers that have gained wide recognition within the cosplay community. Furthermore, their commitment to quality truly sets them apart from competitors.”

Personal Experience Using Artsabers Lightsaber Coupon Code:

Now, it’s time to share how the Artsabers promo code saved me some hard-earned credits. At the time of browsing the official website, I came across a discount code that was available for potential buyers. I immediately took an action and applied it during checkout. I was happy to see whopping 20% discount applied to my order total. It was huge discount for me as it allowed me to invest in additional accessories and hilt customization.

The Artsabers lightsabers coupon code experience was seamless. It helped me save a total of $40 on my lightsaber purchase. That’s without compromising the product quality.

Artsabers Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes – 3

Approx discount – 15% off

Last approved – 3 days back

Products and Pricing

Artsabers carries wide collection of lightsabers including some top selling products too. You should think about Simplex V3, Simplex V2, OBI Wan Neopixel Blade saber, Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber. It costs $91, $97, $459 and $414 respectively. You can also find the four different Lagacy boxes over there. It includes Darth Revan Legacy, Obi-wan Kenobi Legacy, Luke Skywalker Legacy and Anakin Skywalker Legacy. It costs $495, $944, $944 and $765 respectively. Make sure that you apply the Artsabers coupons to get a discount on your entire order.

3 FAQs for Voucher Codes

How do I claim an Artsabers discount?

In order to claim the discount, you must apply a valid Artsabers coupon code. Alternatively, you get a discount by joining the email newsletter of the company. They often release the news about promotional offers.

Do you have any active Artsabers coupon code?

Yes, of course. We have an exclusive promo code available for all our visitors. You can find the coupon from above section. All you have to visit the official Artsabers website and apply our coupon to get a discount of 10% OFF.

What is the shipping and refund policy?

The Artsabers provides a free shipping on the select lightsabers. Your order must quality for the free shipping. Moreover, Artsabers offers a refund when you ask for a return within 30 days from the date of the purchase. It is valid for readymade lightsabers only.

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