Latest TradeDay Coupon Code and Discounts for Funded Trading

Here is the page for TradeDay coupon code. With the help of promo code, you get amazing discount on your TradeDay plan purchase.

Are you losing your money in trading? Don’t have enough capital to take more risk? Do you still want to test your strategies? Are you looking for the better alternative where you can test you skills and also earn some money if it works? well, there is a better option for you.

First of all, you should take a look the TradeDay discount code. Please scroll the page down and find all the available promo codes here within.

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I have been in trading for past few years. During my early days, I lost so much. But after doing some research I found about a prop trading firm called, TradeDay. They fund you and take all the risk if you lose. Well, at first the concept seems appealing. After reading social reviews, I decided to place my order for entry level plan of the TradeDay. They sent login details immediately and also the team were ready for a help. What’s else do we need?

Top Most TradeDay Coupons and Offer Codes

CFTPROMO (Special Code)

Copy and redeem a code at the time of purchasing a new plan for a lifetime 20% discount. Valid for a new purchase only.

OPTSAVE (Editor’s Choice)

Never miss the deal. Register for Trade Day evaluation plan with our promo code and save 20% off on your all the future payments.

14 Days Free Trial

No need to purchase any challenge. Sign up to unlock 14 days free trial and get all the features of paid plan.

TradeDay: The Prop Trading Firm You Can Trust

Based in Chicago, Illinois; the TradeDay is the legit prop trading firm. It was started by James Thorpe, Steve Miley and Tera Vicker, all three are full time trader, and founder of multi-award willing finance and research firm. Being full trader, both James and Steve realized that trading is risk, even if you are experienced. You need so many calculations and market measurement, and if we fail then all our hard work will be ruined and ended up losing a much. That’s why they decided to start a platform where anybody can implement and test their strategies in a real time market environment without no risk of losing money. The result is TradeDay, an emerging prop trading platform where anybody can join without have much capital.

If you are afraid of taking risk on the market with your money, but still want to make money, then the TradeDay is the best option. They funds the success trader all around the world. They are 100% legit, safe and trusted platform. The amazing payouts, easy evaluation process and fully transparency makes the TradeDay first choice among the traders worldwide.

Do you want to get some discount on your trading? Are you looking for latest TradeDay promo code? Please visit above section and findĀ  the coupons now.

Trade Day Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes: 2

Approx discount: 20% off

Last used: 2 days ago

Plans and Pricing

There are three different trading plans available at TradeDay; Basic, Beginner and Advanced. The Basic is 14 days free trial for the platform. Here you get all the features for 14 days without payment. However, you won’t be evaluated or get profit. The Beginners is entry level evaluation plan, it cost $165 per month only. Here the profit target is $2000, trading drawdown is $1500 and $500 is the daily stop loss limit. With $4000 profit target, and $3000 trailing drawdown; the Advanced is available for professional trader. It cost $350 per month. Both comes with full access to education resources, trading platform, and the trader development section. You can expect a discount when redeem our TradeDay coupons.

3 FAQs

How does it work?

The entire process is very simple and straight. You need to purchase the evaluation membership from the TradeDay. Follow the rules and start your trading. Once you hit the profit target, ask them to verify. Upon successful validation, you will be upgraded to the funded trading account for a profit sharing.

Do they allow recurring TradeDay discount?

The recurring discount is valid only if you have correct TradeDay coupon code. There are some coupons that give you lifetime discount on your subscription. While others are valid for the discount on your first order only, so make sure to which you are going to apply.

Will I get refund if I used TradeDay coupon code?

TradeDay often host the promotion where they give refund for all the successful trader. You get refund once you complete your evaluation steps successfully on a first try. It doesn’t matter if you used promo code or any discount when signup, you get back what you spent at Trade Day.

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