Tenzo Tea Matcha Discount and Cool Coupon Codes

It’s time to buy Tenzo Tea Matcha at up to 40% discount price. Well, you just need an exclusive coupon code from HelpINeedHelp for it.

Tenzo Tea is an organic, 100% pure and matcha green tea powder. It is bought by a 12th generation tea master from Kagoshima, Japan.

What is Matcha?

I won’t say it is one of the most popular beverage is the world, rather I say Match is the healthiness drink you have been craving. Basically, Match is a fine grind ground Green tea powder made from fresh and nutrient rich leaves of the green tea plant.

tenzo tea matcha premium coupon

Oh, is that so! But does this matcha really works and taste great.  While most of the Matcha on the market doesn’t taste good, and doesn’t look right, the Tenzo is made up from young and fresh leaves of the green tea. No need to add extra sweeteners or other additives to make your matcha tasty. Tenzo is delicious, superfood that alone can address several health problems.

Team of Help I Need Help find some recent coupons and discount for Tenzo Matcha. It will keep you healthy without breaking budget!

Top Most Tenzo Tea Coupons and Discount Offers

TENZOCTG (Trending Hot!) – This is an exclusive voucher for all our blog readers. Please copy and paste at checkout process to receive flat 15% discount on all the products of Tenzo.

Save $16 OFF On Starter Kit (Most Popular) – Order a Starter Matcha kit, if you are going to try for first time. You can entire starter pack at up to 17% off with free shipping within United States.

Grab 20% OFF (Best Value) – So you like Tenzo Matcha, and want to order it again and again? well, you should subscribe to get your tea to your doorstep at every month. It saves huge 20% off to the regular price.

DOGOODBUS or FOURTH or VEGOUT20 – These are some old promo codes circulating around the web. You can try either of those to save up to $10 off.

Tenzo Tea – All Natural Long-Lasting Energy Drink

Based in Santa Monica, California; the Tenzo Tea is the green superfood energy drink you were craving for. It was founded in 2016 by Steve O’Dell and Robbie. They were feeling crashed from unhealthy energy, and always looking for something that solve their problems. After researching a lot, they learnt about Matcha – a popular Japanese green tea. It is best known for energy and many other health benefits.

However the biggest problem is that there weren’t any good Matcha on US market. Those available are either better or of poor quality. Hence, Steve and Robbie decided to bring out the true Japanese matcha for the world, and the result is the Tenzo Tea.

How to make delicious Tenzo tea Latte?

  • Add one tea spoon Tenzo, and 2 oz water into a bowl.
  • Whisk this mixture properly. Here you go! Your Tenzo shot is ready to go 🙂
  • Pour your milk and ice cubes into a glass.
  • Add your Tenzo shot into a glass.
  • Enjoy tasty, high energy drink!

Is It The Best Matcha Tea?

We at HelpINeedHelp carefully review a Tenzo by considering various factors; quality, ingredients, final result, side effect and price. It is the well-balance of all these parameters. The Tenzo matcha discount makes it even better. We have prepared some great advantages of Tenzo to help you understand it better.

  • It contains some rare and powerful natural antioxidants that avoid oxidative damage to cells and reduce the risk of cancer.
  • It contains just 1/3 of caffeine than the cup of coffee. The natural L-theanine provides up to 6 hours of focus without crash.
  • Green tea makes your skin healthy. It also helps to fight against the signs of aging.
  • Matcha contains perfect balance of caffeine and antioxidants to boost your metabolism and promotes weight loss.
  • Every batch of Tenzo checked against radiation and harmful heavy metals.

Products and Pricing

There are three different packages available for Tenzo Matcha tea users. It is listed as below:

  • You can buy just an Organic Matcha tea for $50 only. It contains 60 servings.
  • Tenzo Matcha starter kit cost $80 only. Your kit contains 60oz tea bottle, a bamboo whisk, whisk stand and scooper.
  • Tenzo active matcha kit contains 60 servings of matcha, a bamboo scooper and a shaker bottle. It cost you $70 only.

You can subscribe to any of above pack for huge 20% discount.

4 FAQs By HelpINeedHelp Experts

Our team of Help I Need Help compiled some common questions and answers of Tenzo matcha tea coupons and discount.

Can I use Tenzo Matcha coupon code on all the orders?

You can use our exclusive Tenzo tea coupon code on any order at main website. There is no any restriction there.

What is the average amount of discount people get?

Well, when use a promo code, you get 20% off for sure. You should combine your coupon with the subscribe and save promotion for additional 20% off.

Where to buy Tenzo tea at discount price?

While Tenzo is available on Amazon and other sites, HelpINeedHelp prefer to buy it from official site only. You get all the free bonuses and guarantee as well.

What is the Tenzo shipping and refund policy?

The Tenzo Matcha provides free shipping on any US orders. They also offer 30 days money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose here.

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