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Are you looking for a cloud-based music creation platform? Do you Need a music platform with a huge library of royalty-free sounds? Splice helps to solve all your problems! Are you browsing the internet for Splice promo Code? Then scroll down to grab your discount.

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Splice is one of the best music platforms that are available in the market. It has lots of exciting features like royalty-free sounds and more. If you are a music freak, definitely you must try the Splice.

Top Most Splice Coupons and Offer Codes

FREEBEATS17 or SAMPLEMAGIC (Editor’s Choice)

Please use either of these promo codes at the time of signup for up to 100% discount on your first month payment. It is valid for a new user only.

Save Up to $49 OFF

Choose from wide selection of plugins and other tools and enjoy whopping up to $49 discount. Please follow above URL to claim it now!

Use the splice for free

All you have to sign up and create an account with the splice. While you are using splice for free you cant access many features in the splice, you need to subscribe to splice to use those features.

Free Full Month Access (Ongoing Deal)

Please visit our exclusive referral link to enjoy the Splice subscription for one month for FREE. You can choose up to 100 samples of your choice here!

The Splice: Millions of Copyright Free Sounds for you!

The Splice is a cloud-based music creation platform, which has millions of copyright-free sounds and many exciting new features that are not available in the other platforms currently in the market. You can use other projects and also download them for your reference, the Splice platform automatically sync’s the data of the project to the cloud. So that you can work without any fear.

The Splice has lots of exciting features like collab, you can collab with friends or other peoples. You can allow them to make changes in your project, the changes will reflect in your project.  So that you can work together and at a time on the same project. It has lots of amazing things in it, So you can give it a try.

If you think the splice subscription amount is high, you can use our Splice discount Codes to Avail yourself discounts on your purchase.

Important Features of Splice

Better Backup

As I said before the Splice will automatically store the data of your project in the cloud. If you lost your data that is stored in your system, No worries you can retrieve it from the cloud. Using Splice there is no consumption of the system storage, overall this system is more secure and safer for storing your data.


Using the Splice community option you can work with any musicians all over the world. You can work with them and learn from the top musicians So that Splice becomes a greater learning opportunity for beginners. You can share your music with the community and also you can download pieces of music from the community. An user can also participate in contests conducted in the community.

Summary of Splice Promos and Discounts

Available promo codes: 2+

Average discount: 20% off

Last Update: 3 Days Ago

Plans and Pricing

Splice has four different plans in the sounds, They have both monthly and yearly plans. The plans are namely Sound 100, Sound 300, Sound 600, and Sound 1000.

The Monthly Pricing of the Sound 100 is $7.99 and the yearly plan is $79.99. The cost of the Sound 300 is $13.99 per month and the yearly plan is $139.99. The Monthly plan of the Sound 600 is $21.99 and the monthly plan of the Sound 1000 is $29.99.

With all these you will get the first two months free, So just want to pay for 10 months. You can also use our Splice promo codes to earn more discounts.

3 Splice FAQs by Help I Need Help

What is the annual pricing of the Sound 300?

The annual pricing of the Sound 300 is  $139.99.

Can I Splice discount an individual product variant included in a collection?

You can apply Splice coupon codes to specific variants of a product. These codes will apply to all quantities of the discounted variant in a cart.

Can I apply a Splice coupon code to the purchase of a gift card?

It depends on the company. Most discount codes cannot be applied to gift cards. The exception is a product-specific discount where the Splice product is a gift card.

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