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Are you searching for automated software for Amazon PPC Advertising? Want to increase your sales and profits? Need an expert tool to manage your Amazon PPC Advertising? The name Sellozo satisfies all your desires. Are you searching for the Sellozo discount code, then scroll down and know more about the Sellozo discount coupon.

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Top Most Sellozo Coupons and Offer Codes

There are lots of Discounts and Offers provided by the Sellozo. You can use it to reduce your total price. Strop thinking and grab the code to get the discount.

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Free Trial (Ongoing Promotion)

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What is Sellozo?

The Sellozo is an Automated Advertising software that helps you to grow your business on Amazon. The software makes PPC Advertising in Amazon easy and also increases sales, reduces ACoS, Automate Campaigns, and Optimize bids for keywords.

Undoubtedly the Sellozo will help you out in growing your business. The product has a 14days free trial so you can use the software and choose your decision wisely. The Sellozo discount Coupon codes are an additional plus for you. Without any fears, you can choose Sellozo for your business.

Sellozo Promos and Discounts

Available coupon code: 2

Average discount: 10% off

Last Updated: 2 Days Ago,

Why Sellozo?

The Sellozo has lots of amazing features that satisfy you more beyond your needs and budget. It allows you to optimize your Amazon advertising, increase your sales, lower ACoS, helps in keyword bidding, increases your visibility, and attain potential audiences. The pricing is also affordable. However, there are promo codes that you can use to get discount on Sellozo.

The supreme features delivered by Sellozo that makes them stand out of crowd are,

Sellozo Expert Support

The Sellozo provides excellent expert support with real-time Amazon seller experts. You can contact Sellozo and clarify all your doubts and issues with Amazon experts.  Customer support helps you from setting up your profile to real-time issues.

PPC Ad Optimization and Automation:

The only thing you need to do is add all information about your business to the Sellozo and click start optimization. The Sellozo acquires and researches all your previous data and suggests perfect ACoS for your campaign. It continuously optimizes your bids for keywords so that it lowers the ACoS. It also has features like keyword discovery, ad launch automation, negative keyword automation, and lots more.

Customized Campaign Studio:

Planning campaigns in PPC amazon advertisement is hard the customized campaign studio helps you to solve all the problems you face during setting up campaigns. From keyword research to running advertisements.

Pricing and plans

The Sellozo has mainly three plans o-10 Skus, 11-1000 Skus, and 1001+ Skus. The pricing of the three is $149/mo, $299/mo, and $399/mo. You can also use Sellozo Discount Coupon codes to reduce the price.

The below picture shows Selloso’s pricing and feature details,

Expert Consulting is categorized into three plans Basic, Plus, Managed. The pricing of these You can get Basic email support and consult customer service for free. In Plus it has Live Chat, Monthly Consulting. Plus and manage costs $249/mo, $499/mo. The Manage has lots of features you can check it below.

3 Sellozo FAQs by Help I Need Help

Does Sellozo have Free Trial?

Ans: We offer a 14-day trial so you can try out the tools for free before paying. You do have to enter your credit card information to sign up, but if you cancel before the end of the trial period, you will not be charged. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

What is the best way to save if I don’t have a Sellozo coupon code??

The Sellozo has a Repricer which suggests the best price for your keywords. It tells you where to bid higher and where to lower bids. Using this you can reduce the ACoS. Automatically it saves your Money.

What are Sellozo discounts?

The Sellozo Discount Coupon codes are Coupon codes provided by the Sellozo. By using the Sellozo Discount Coupon codes it reduces the total costs.

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