Seibon Carbon Discount: Get Coupon on Carbon Fiber

Buy Seibon Carbon fiber hood and trunk at 40% discount price with the help of our exclusive coupon code and deals.

Seibon Carbon is leading auto and OEM parts provider. In fact, they are specialist in designing and manufacturing the top quality carbon fiber auto parts and other components. Carbon fibers has several advantages such as high strength, high stiffness, chemical resistance, low weight, low thermal effect and high temperature resistance. Due to all these benefits; it is widely used in automobile industry. However; finding genuine vendor is very important. Otherwise you will ended up spending lot more; and get nothing.

seibon carbon fiber coupon code

Seibon Carbon is not your average auto parts vendor. They feature superior quality carbon fiber auto components; especially the hoods. If you want to transform your vehicle in affordable way; then this is the place. You can order auto-parts online or from their local stores. You can find carbon fiber parts for any models and brands including Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Scion, Suzuki, Toyota, Kia, Honda, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen etc. Are you hesitating to order from Seibon Carbon due to installation? Don’t worry! Entire process is simple and easy.

Top Most Seibon Carbon Coupons and Codes

OWAX13 (Most Popular) – This is our exclusive code that is available for all our readers. Please copy and paste this code to enjoy up to 15% discount on your entire order. It is valid against your first order only, so please create an account before using it.

Up to $1000 Off (Editor’s Choice) – No need to spend full price on carbon fiber doors! Enjoy whopping $1000 off on various carbon fiber products including roof cover, door etc.

Flash Sale – Like many other brands; the Seibon too host sale. You can order hoods, frames, roof top, front lip and many more at up to 70% off retail price. Isn’t it cool?

Earn Free Credit – Go ahead and participant into their OEM trade-in program by providing your vehicle’s complete details. Please attach photos of hoot from various angles and submit your application. You will get cash and free store credits for your time.

Seibon Carbon – The Best Carbon Fiber Automobile Vendor

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona; the Seibon Carbon is the leader of automotive aftermarket. It was founded in 2003 by Shawn Xu with the mission to provide superior quality carbon fiber at affordable price. They have in-house design team to design auto parts that match the growing demand of auto industry. They have built strong partnership with dealers in Us, Dubai UK, Singapore, Canada, Greece, Switzerland to deliver their quality OEM parts worldwide. All their products went under manual inspection during multiple quality control steps. They never use chip or flake. Unlike they use glossy clear coat for stylish look and finishing. Furthermore; Seibon uses standard process to reduce weight by up to 70% off.

Why to choose it?

  • The company utilize highest grade carbon fiber raw material to make stylish and functional products.
  • Team has more than 15 years of experience in making carbon fiber products.
  • Seibon uses cutting edge technology in producing auto components such such as vacuum infusion hand-lay method.
  • They offer clear coat warranty and fitment guarantee; so you can order with peace of mind.
  • All their carbon fiber items are made with one piece sheet to keep same weave pattern.
  • Award winning production process to keep best carbon/resin ratio. It helps to give extra strength and stiffness to your auto parts.

Products and Pricing

Seibon Carbon carries wide range of carbon fiber products including Hoods Lip Spoilers, Bumper, Air ducts, Canards, Doors, Engine Cover, Fender Garnish, Front Grille, Headlight, Hard top, Truck, Roof, rear spoiler and many more. In order to find the perfect product; you need to type your year, brand name and model type. In fact; Seibon offers the auto parts for almost all the brands and models. Apart from auto parts; they also carry carbon fiber lifestyle products such as fiber chair, fiber sunglasses frame, fiber hard shell backpack and more. The price of carbon fiber components cost anything from $99 to as much as $7999 or even more. The price is depend on your car brand, model and product you are looking to purchase.

FAQs for Seibon Carbon

Below are some questions and answers for the Seibon Carbon promotion and discount offers:

How frequently does Seibon Carbon release their coupon codes?

Lately, we have got one exclusive promo code. It is available throughout entire year; once per user per account.

Can I combine multiple offers within same order?

You cannot combine multiple Seibon Carbon coupon code in any single order. However, you can stack it with free shipping and other promotion.

What are the best way for maximum saving here?

In order to save huge, I suggest to order from sale. Since Seibon Carbon offers free shipping on select sale orders.

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