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Are you fed up of rats in your home, office or a garage? Do you have to spend much time in catching mice? Are you spending hours to clean your home or garage due to the frequent mice activities? Are you looking for easy and permanent solution to get a rid of the mouse? no worries here you go.

We suggest to purchase flip n slide product with the Rinnetraps discount code. All you need to scroll the page down to get your promo code there.

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Recently, we shifted to the new home which was close for years. Biggest challenge was to handle the mice running everywhere. We heard a lot about the Rinnetraps, so decided to give em a try. Surprisingly, it caught multiple rats in a single attempt. Previously, we were spending a day to catch one silly rat. We are so happy with the result of the Rinnetraps. Now we can invite guest to our home without any hesitation. All, thanks to the Rinnetraps.com!

Top Most Rinnetraps Coupons and Offer Codes

RINNE10 (Most Popular)

Here is the sitewide valid promo code. Purchase the best mouse catching device at 10% off the normal price.

Save Up To 30% OFF (Editor’s Choice)

Head up and choose the combo package; Flip N Slide, Hole in One, Rolling Log and more. You get up to 30% discount when purchase more than one devices.

Up To 15% OFF + Free Shipping

Signup for the email newsletter of the Rinnetraps to receive 15% off promo code right in your inbox. Moreover, you get a free shipping on any US order of $29.99 or more.

Rinnetraps: The Rinne Corp Mouse Traps Supplier

Based in Florida, Rinnetraps is the family owned business which deals to create sustainable and effective mice catching devices. Unlike other competitors, the Rinnetraps can catches multiple rats at once. It was all started in 2016 by two brothers; Carl and Nick. From their childhood itself, the Nick and Carl were involved in various in-house projects and hobby to make things easier. In fact, their family always try to make things themselves. They were looking for the device that can catches multiple mouse at once. Immediately, they began designing a prototype by visiting several sites and videos.

Earlier, it was made for their own purpose and to satisfy their curiosity only. But later they decided to capitalize their idea and sell the best mouse trapping device on Amazon and eBay. It worked and rest is the history! Today, Rinnetraps is America’s most popular mice trapper. With a dedicated warehouse, expert team and thousands of the happy customers, they are literally rocking the home utility market. Gradually, Rinnetraps release several mice catching devices for multiple situations and all become instant hit among the consumers.

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Rinnetraps Promos and Discount Codes (Summary)

Available coupon codes: 2

Approx discount: 15% off

Last update: 2 days back

Products and Pricing

There are five different mice trapping devices available at the Rinnetraps, it includes Flip N Slide, Hole in One, Rolling Log Mouse Trap, Walk The Plank and Wind Mill Mouse Trap. The Rolling Log Mouse Trap is the one of their oldest item available for $14.99 only. The Flip N Slide and Hole In Mouse Trap are the bestsellers. It cost $19.99 and $14.99 respectively. You can use to multiple mice at once. The Walk The Plank and Wind Mill are the most innovative and patented mouse traps. You can purchase in a bulk for a discount, that’s without any Rinnetraps coupons. Isn’t it interesting!

3 FAQs for Voucher Codes

Do you have any Rinnetraps coupon code a non-profit institute?

In fact, there is no any active promo code for the non-profit or educational institutes. All we have regular discount opportunity for all the customers of the Rinnetraps. However, you can check back this page in future to find deals if any.

How do I claim a free shipping or refund from Rinnetraps.com?

In order to claim a free shipping, you must place the required amount of the order. An offer is valid for the US customers only. The Rinnetraps provides 14 days money back guarantee for all the new purchases.

When should I expect Rinnetraps discount?

You get a discount immediately once you apply the Rinnetraps coupon code. No need to wait for hours or days. The system is designed in such a way that you get your discount once apply the valid coupon at checkout page. That’s it.

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