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Platinum LED Therapy Lights is the most advance and effective NIR LED light therapy on the market. Get the natural healing power of near infrared lights. As per the researches; the Red light therapy has so many benefits including; immune boosting, injury recovery, faster healing, mood enhancement, anti aging and many more. The device just send low light wavelengths to your skin. Don’t worry! It won’t generate any heat, you won’t even feel it.

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No body can beat the Platinum LED Therapy Lights; when it comes to powerful therapy and deep penetration. This patent-pending device comes with three combination; the Plain Red, Near Infrared and a combo pack. Hence you have more choice to order light device as per your requirement. You just need to expose yourself for few minutes everyday in front of lights to get the desire result. Whether you are an athlete, an individual, a gym owner or a medical professional; the Platinum Therapy Lights is the perfect solution to create better version of you.

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Is It Safe and Worth To Try Light Therapy?

Based in Kailua, HI; the Platinum Therapy Lights is the global leader in manufacturing and supplying powerful LED panels. It was started in 2010 by the group of sports persons and medical professionals to bring military grade technology to recover faster than ever. It generates almost double the power than the leading competitor brands. That’s why the BIOMAX can heals you faster, recover quickly, reduce aging and boost your immunity.

Why To Choose Platinum LED Therapy Lights Over Others?

  • They offer free domestic shipping and express worldwide shipping option is available too.
  • Gives you 3 year coverage warranty, and it is valid for all over the world.
  • Utilize the FDA approved treatment to safe and optimum result.
  • Gives you industry’s highest 60 day trial (2 months guarantee) on any order.
  • They accept HSA and FSA payments.
  • Warehouses are located in US and EU for faster delivery.
  • Supports various coverage options and full body coverage as well.
  • Choose from multiple LED configuration as per your requirements.
  • It is available at discount price, and provides you superior customer support.

How Does Platinum LED Therapy Lights Work?

The LED light therapy has been used by medical professional to treat skincare issue, and recover from injury. It has several wavelengths that penetrates into your skin to rejuvenate it. The Platinum LED light Therapy naturally stimulates production of Adenosine Triphosphate. In fact; ATP is the key part of cellular regeneration. The stimulation of ATP improves the blood circulation and cellular respiration. It leads to massive life changing result. PlatinumLED BIOMAX lights comes with 5 different wavelengths. It is perfect for both the Red Light and Near-Infrared light treatment. The 630NM wavelenght is ideal to regrow hair, remove wrinkles and the reduce acne.

Products and Pricing

There are two different models available at Platinum LED Therapy Lights; The Bio and the BioMax series. The Platinum Bio is the original red light therapy. It is economical solution available in three models; Bio300, Bio450, Bio600 and the Bio 900. It cost you $369, $449, $699, and $949 respectively. You can order each model in three different configuration; a Combo Red/NIR, Red-660nm and the NIR-850nm.

THE BIOMAX SERIES is their most powerful combo Red -R+/NIR+ models. It is available four different models; BioMax300, Biomax450, Biomax600 and the Biomax900. It cost $569, $649, $899 and $1149 respectively. They provide fully adjustable mounting systems for a Bimax 300 or 450 unit at the starting price of $99 only. The combo of led light contains; sunglasses, a power link cable, a door hanging kit, mounting hardware and the therapy companion application.

Don’t want to buy this device at full price! Please try our Platinum LED Therapy Lights coupon code to receive 5% off. Furthermore; you can enjoy up to $250 off on order of array package. On a positive note; you can always stack our promo code with free shipping and other special deals. The Platinum stand by their product and gives you 60 days trial. So you have enough time to test their kit.

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