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Hey, wait before you going to launch your new idea? Do you want to see if your idea will work or not? then you are on a luck.

PickFu is the most powerful optimization and split testing platform. It lets you collect feedback from your target audience within few minutes. Whether you are working on a new website, an application, a book title or a new concept, this platform has got you covered.

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PickFu showcase your project ideas with US based audiences to get valuable feedback on your logo, business ideas, marketing copy, landing page or product photo.

Whenever we work on new idea, we have multiple options but we don’t know which to choose and which to avoid. Moreover, friends and family are biased. So we don’t get the real feedback. This is where the PickFu comes into the picture.

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GRABADEAL (Exclusive Deal)

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SMART50 (Seasonal sales and offers)

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Up to 15% OFF – Discounted polling

Subscribe to Pickfu’s membership plan to enjoy a pre-response discount of 5 to 10% off. If you choose an annual billing option, then you will save even more here!

Buy in bulk and save huge

Purchase prepaid credits to get additional 15% off on top of already low price. In addition to discount, you will save on credit card transaction.

PickFu – An Ultimate Market Feedback Platform

PickFu is the people operated platform that helps new businesses to make greater decisions. It was founded in 2008 by John Li and Justin Chen – a serial entrepreneurs, and software engineers. Initially PickFu was started as her own hobby project to get ideas for their projects, but gradually people discovered it. Customer started sharing this wonderful platform with their friends and family, and rest is the history.

How Does PickFu Work?

Well, the PickFu works in four easy steps as listed below.

  1. Enter your question. You can choose from their suggested prompts, or try your creativity to ask own question.
  2. Select your target audience from 45 different traits such as Amazon Prime members, female, male, married, mobile gamer, fiction reader, dog owner etc.
  3. Get answers on demand from real people.
  4. Make data-based decisions based on feedback for your query.

Why To Choose It?

Nothing can match PickFu, when it comes to get response from real targeted audience. It helps to validate your idea from US-based audience to help you improve your brand or product. Please read stunning features, if you are hesitating to try PickFu!

  • Easy 1 minute setup for asking one question with 1-8 options.
  • US-based respondents that is chosen by Pickfu’s algorithm. It automatically reject low-quality spam response. Respondent don’t see the final poll results.
  • Get your result within few minutes, not days.
  • Target your customer segments with specific groups.
  • Each response comes with written explanation to make your project better.
  • Target your audience by demographic; age, gender, income, ethnicity and education.

Plans and Pricing

PickFu polls start from as low as $50 only. With the you can target 50 US based respondents for up to 2 different options. You can upgrade your plan for even more options. Spend $100 or even $500 to target 100 or 500 respondent respectively. Every response cost you $1 only. You can also target by filtering behavior, characteristic and preference. In that case your price would increase by additional $0.40 per respondent.

These is pay-as-you-go option that doesn’t need any subscription. Do you want to host more than 3 polls per month, please consider join their membership plan. The Professional Membership give you huge discount per response with option to poll for 500 respondents.

Do you want to run lots of polls? Please purchase $1000 worth of credit and enjoy up to 15% discount on PickFu plan.

3 FAQs By HelpINeedhelp Experts

Can I use my PickFu coupon code with any other promotion?

Yes, you can combine our promo code with other special deals like membership bonus and prepaid credit. In that way, you will save huge.

How to get discount on PickFu polls?

Please subscribe to their newsletter to get 15% off PickFu coupon code right in your mailbox. You can use this coupon against your next poll order.

What are available discount codes for PickFu?

At the present point of time, PickFu offers different discount pricing; Membership deal, Prepaid offer, and seasonal sale. Please choose from either of these promotion to save up to 30% off on normal price.

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