Nano Towels Coupon Code: $80 Discount at Water Liberty

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The NanoTowels ® is a revolutionary fabric towel by Water Liberty that can be used to remove spills and spots. You can us it for floor & bathroom cleaning, dusting, glass, washing countertops and stainless steel as well. Do you want to get a rid of harmful chemicals and toxic cleaners? Give a try to the Nano Towels. No need to use any chemicals! Simply use a Nano product to clean all kind of surfaces. That’s why; we call it as a Permanent Paper Towel.

upto $80 off nano towels discount coupon code

The Nano Towels is made up from proprietary NanoLon fibers by WaterLiberty to clean your hose in healthy way. A Nanolon fiber is is the hundreds time finer than a single human hair. Furthermore; product contains up to 100,000 Nanolon fibers per square inch. It can easily cleans dirt, liquid, and dust without using any toxic chemicals. You just need to wash it; once you are done using it. You can not only use Nanolon Towel to clean but also to dry and surface.

Top rated Nano Towels Coupons and Codes

Save $80 Off (Ongoing!) – Head up and order at 6 packs (24x towels) at $99.95 only. Normally; It cost you $179.70. Simply click the link to activate a deal.

Flat $25 Off (Most Popular!) – For a limited time only; you can order 2 Packs at $25 discount. Get 8 towels in total for $34.95, instead of $59.9.

Save $10 – Do you want to buy a Single Pack containing 4 NonoTowels at cheap price? Here is the deal for you. Order a single pack for $19.95, instead of $29.95.

Free Shipping – Company offer free ground shipping for select orders within United State. The option is available for fast delivery too. Please refer an official site FAQ page for more details about it.

Free Trial – Since the NanoTowel may be a new technology to you, so they are offering no-nonsense 30 days free trial to compare it to your favorite household cleaners.

Is It Worth To Try?

The Nano Towels is an Eco-friendly and revolutionary piece of product that saves hundreds of tree and water. It is the best alternative to transitional household cleaner and toxic chemicals. You just need the water to clean it. Please keep mind; a NaNoTowel has nothing to do with the Microfibers. The Nanolon fiber is an unique and totally new technology that works like nothing. Below are some top reasons to buy a Nano Towel.

  • Save Up to 80% off than your traditional cleaners. It is one time only investment and you can use the product again and again.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint and gives you healthy alternative.
  • Offers 30 days full refund policy. You have enough time to compare it with your regular cleaners.
  • Provides 1 year full warranty that nobody can beat.
  • It can soak up to 10 ounces of liquid with no drip.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Price Match Guarantee.

You can use the Nano Towels to clean virtually anything; a car, kitchen, bathroom, dining and more. It is reusable, highly absorbable and non-abrasive fabric.

Packages and Pricing

There are in-total three packages available for a NanoTowel users – A Single, 2 Pack and 6 Packs. It is available to two colors such as a Green and Gray. A Single pack contains 4 towels and cost you $19.95 only. The price of 2-Pack special is $34.95. The 6 Pack special contains 24 piece of towels and being sold a the price of $99.95 only. Your Nano Towels coupon code will be applied automatically; when you click above link. No need to hunt for any additional promo codes here and there. I suggest avoid buying nanotowel from Amazon and eBay. Since there are so many fraud sellers; who sells counterfeit product at a cheap price. Please make a habit to order such items from an official site of Water Liberty only.

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