MerchantWords Coupon: Get Discount Code for Amazon Tool

No need to hunt for discount on MerchantWords. The HelpINeedHelp‘s exclusive coupon codes will save huge on your membership.

Are you an Amazon FBA business owner? Do you want to sell online to make huge money? are you about to sell on Amazon, but not sure what works and what not? well, you are not alone. These are some most common queries anybody wiling to start their FBA startup.

merchant words free trial coupon code

MerchantWords is the largest online database of buyer’s keyboards and shopper’s search trends. Why to do guess work while launching our products on Amazon? It’s time to use proprietary algorithm of MerchantWords to test the water even before you dive.

You may often heard that Amazon FBA needs time, calculation and money. If your equation goes wrong, then chances are high that you may loss big. In fact, everyday hundreds of FBA owners disconnect them from the race due to this common issue.

Let’s be ahead of our competitors and analyze the Amazon market to save our time and money. This is where Merchant Words comes into the picture!

We have prepared a list of MerchantWords discount coupons for all the readers of HelpINeedhelp. It will definitely help you to save huge!

Top Most MerchantWords Coupons and Offer Codes

GETSPOOL (Special Offer on Gold Plan)

Please follow this exclusive link to land on special page. Enter ‘Getspool‘ code to receive a gold plan at whopping 40% discount for the first three months. You cannot find this offer anywhere else.

Free Months (Editor’s Choice)

If your budget allows, then this is the perfect deal. Order the Merchant words membership for entire year to claim this offer. Pay for 10 months and get 2 months subscription for FREE.

Get Free Lifetime Access

Get a free report of Amazon digital shelf. Just provide your keyword and other details, to get full report for FREE now!

MerchantWords – The Most Reliable Shopper Search Database

Based in NYC, MerchantWords is the SaaS that focuses on Amazon FBA tools. It was founded in December 2012 by George Lawrence as an Amazon keyword tool to help all the online sellers to discover what’s exactly the buyers are searching for? Today, it is one of the largest and still growing database of shoppers search trend and keywords. It is being used by hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers to bring their FBA business to the new height.

All their keywords are coming directly from Amazon search bar and update on daily basis. MerchantWords will help to optimize your listing, save time, increase profit, and discover new product opportunity too. What are you waiting for?

Time has changed, it’s an era of technology. Take a smart decision to not only save your time, but money too. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced online seller; the Merchant Words has got you covered.

What Will You Get?

So you are planning to take MerchantWords membership, but don’t know what will you get? well, HelpINeedHelp has prepared full features as below.

  • Get an instant access of billions of searches from the real Amazon shoppers.
  • Access to over 500 million ASINs, and a powerful reverse ASINn lookup for performance analysis.
  • Monitor search volume, popularity, competition and seasonality of billions of long tail keywords.
  • Use the keyword research result for new product launch, marketing campaign or boosting an existing listing.
  • Get an access to one year of Amazon search trend history along with market demand and supply of every search term worldwide.
  • Get amazon product pricing for any market, and use that to determine new opportunity available in your niche.

Our Merchant Words Promos and Coupons

💰 Average saving: 45% off
🏷 Coupons available: 3
⏰ Last changed: Sept 19, 2020

Membership and Pricing

MerchantWords offers three different plans for all their customers.

Price of Silver plan is $29 per month only. It is valid for a single country, 10 keyword and 500 monthly searches only.

The Gold is the most popular plan. It cost $79/mo, or $790/year. Gold is available for Regional data. It support 100 keyword, and 100 monthly searches.

Platinum plan is available $149/mo or $1490/year only. It provides Global amazon data for 1000 keyword and unlimited monthly searches. It also supports 3 concurrent users.

All these memberships give access to Performance metrics, Page one analysis, keyword search volume, keyword history and ASIN plus.

3 FAQs by HelpINeedHelp Experts

What are available MerchantWords coupon codes?

Presently, Helpineedhelp has an exclusive MerchantWords coupon code for all our readers. There is also yearly membership benefit. You can combine all these to save pretty much of your next order.

How to get discount on MerchantWords?

Please follow our exclusive link to apply your promo code directly at MerchantWords website. You will land on a special page exclusively made for our readers. It will give you huge 40% discount.

Do they provide money back guarantee?

MerchantWords are so confident about their service, so they provide 100% risk-free 14 day Money Back Guarantee to all their customers. No any hidden charges, fee or contracts.

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