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I first heard about Maven Trading from one of my friend. He told me that Maven Trading is a great prop firm and have pretty good success rate. So, I decided to do my own research and came to the conclusion to give em a try. The platform is legit and safe. Moreover, Maven has a great reputation too. Lastly, traders make real money with Maven Trading.

Top Most Maven Trading Coupons and Offer Codes

TPJ (Trending NOW)

Please copy and paste the promo code to purchase the evaluation phase 1 at 5% discount price.

DECEMBER (Editor’s Choice)

For a limited time only, apply the voucher code and receive 5% off + 125% Refund once you pass the challenge.

Save 30% OFF + 90% Profit

Maven Trading goes one step further and gives 90% profit share and whopping 30% off on your first order. Valid for $5K and $10K accounts only.

Maven Trading – The Best Forex Prop Firm Platform

I decided to buy the $100K challenge program from Maven Trading. The challenge program is a two-phase process. In the first phase, you have to trade a demo account for 30 days and make a profit of 10%. The second phase allows 60 days and need to make the profit of 5% during that time. I chose the $100,000 challenge account. I took 25 days to complete phase 1 and 35 days to complete phase 2.

From the beginning, I was confident that I could pass the challenge, however, I was little nervous. I never worked with Forex prop firm. But I decided to work hard to get the success.

I started trading with some green trades. I made a profit of 5% within the first week itself. But after that the markets become unpredictable due to news, and I started to lose money. But I knew that I couldn’t give up.

I kept trading with my strategies and finally things turned in favor of me. I made a profit of 10% in the last week of the challenge and ultimately passed the challenge with flying colors. The best part is that Maven Trading send me the live account credential immediately after I pass both phases.

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Maven Trading Vouchers and Discounts (Summary)

Available Maven Trading promo codes – 3

Approx discount – 10% off

Last upload – 4 days back

Challenges and Pricing

There are two different types of challenges available at Maven Trading; Standard and Pro. Both has two phases. The Standard has static drawdown of 8%, minimum profit split 80% and payout frequency of 14 days. The Pro has overall drawdown of 10%, minimum 85% profit split and 7 days payout frequency. The price for $2K, $5K, $10K, $20K, $50K, $100K and $200K account is $55, $65, $125, $245, $350, $600 and $1100 respectively. You can use the Maven Trading coupons and get the discount on your Standard or Pro challenges.

3 FAQs for Maven Trading Promo Code

How does Maven work?

Firstly, you need to purchase their challenge and follow the rules to pass it. Secondly, redo the same thing to pass the phase 2. Lastly, Once you pass the phase 2, you will be given a simulated account where you can make 80% profit share from your trades.

Can I use a Maven Trading coupon code for increasing my earning?

No. The promo code has nothing to do with your challenge price or earning or withdrawal amount. The promo code gives you a discount on the challenge of the Maven Trading. You can buy their challenge at the discount price.

How many times will I get a Maven Trading discount?

Well, you get the discount only at the time of applying the Maven Trading coupon code. The discount is one time only. The challenge fee is also one time payable.

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