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Mala Prayer is the first American site that sells 100% authentic and hand-crafted 108 mala beads. Apart from traditional mala beads, you can also find necklaces, mala bracelets, earrings, tapestries and many other wellness accessories. It helps to boost your focus; while you are doing meditation and yoga. It has been used in Southern Asia since so many centuries. Most of Malas have 108 beads; which is traditional, sacred and auspicious number.

mala prayer beads discount code

Unlike many other brands; The Mala Player features the mala that is handmade by local artisans. They uses highest quality and authentic beads that mostly used for meditation purpose only. Furthermore; the string is made up from durable and long-lasting fabric. Most of time Mala get broken due to the poor quality string only. In addition to Malas; the Mala Prayer also carry the Sanskrit pendent collection. You can wear it to show your message and personality.

Top rated Mala Prayer Coupons and Codes

BHAVINSWADAS20 (100% Working!) – It is an exclusive code that you cannot fin anywhere else. Apply the code at your cart to get instant 20% discount. No any limitation here, so you can use it again and again.

LIGHT31 – Share your light and purchase spiritual jewellery with this code. You get whopping 31% discount here.

Half Off – Click the link to visit their official site and locate the Mala of the Month. Save huge up to 50% off the retail price. Every month; they hand-select one mala from their entire collection.

Flash Sale – Head up and browse their limited edition sale section. Enjoy up to 40% discount on wide range of Malas and accessories. It is the best way to save good amount on your favorite jewelry items.

Upto 70% Off – Go ahead to subscribe for Mindful Mala Box for $69.99. Every 3 months; You will get jewelry, assorted crystals, meditation pieces worth $270 for $69.99 only. The box is available at a free shipping for all the US subscribers.

Why Should You Shop From Them?

The Mala Prayer was started in 2015 to bring 100% authentic and quality 108 mala bead to you. Earlier; It was impossible or rather difficult to order Mala bead online. Now you can choose from dozens of different style and colors of 108 Mala bead and get it at free shipping. All their products are handmade in United States only. The Mala is the important part of meditation and Yoga. If you can’t find authentic Mala anywhere; then look no further and visit the Apart from selling meditation jewelry; the company also showcase important guide about usage of Mala and many more.

The Mala is made up of 108 beads and one Guru bead. You need to count the bead while saying mantra like Om etc. If you are not happy with the product; then ask them. The Mala Prayer offer free return policy, so you get your 100% money back. For every Mala sold, they do 5% of charity to women in need. So your money goes in a right hand.

Products and Pricing

As said earlier; the Mala Prayer is best known for 108 mala beads. However you can also buy their subscription box. Every three month; they send Mindful box value $69 to their subscribers. It contains dozen of jewelry and other accessories worth $200 or more. You can order a box for one time or subscribe to get it every three months. Please plan to prepay your subscription to save whopping 25% off here. So without using any Mala Prayer coupon code; you can get a box for $52.49 only.

Moreover; you are free to apply my exclusive promo code on a single order. It save flat 20% off the retail price.

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