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Are you online trading? Do you often invest into cryptocurrencies? Being the most precious things, hackers are prone to target digital currencies with less security. Hence, we advice to safeguard your bitcoin or other currency. While most of online wallets have very limited security, we suggest to for hardware wallet.

keepkey wallet coupon code

KeepKey is the next generation Crypto security hardware wallet. It gives you the freedom to secure your bitcoin, Ethereum or any other digital currencies. With these hardware wallet, you can send, receive or store all the popular coins and tokens available on the market. The Keep Key supports more than 40 coins including buy not limited to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Digibyte and more.

All you have to configure KeepKey for one time, and it will keep all your cryptos in safe hardware space. You can monitor, and track your stored bitcoin or transaction at anytime. If you are looking for secure, affordable and feature rich hardware wallet to store your precious Bitcoins, then this is probably the best option.

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Now you can order this H/W wallet at free ground shipping within United States. On a positive note, Shapeshift is offering a discounted worldwide shipping for an intentional order.

KeepKey – The Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

KeepKey, LLC is the small USB device to store or perform your bitcoins transaction. It was founded in 2015 by ShapeShift. Here you have to review and approve every bitcoin transaction through OLED display and button. KeepKey is available to buy by new ShapeShift platform – a web-based interface for store or managing your cryptocurrencies.

Below are some awesome features of the KeepKey:

  • Ultimate Crypto Management: Use their built-in online interface to sell, buy, trade, track or even hold your bitcoin.
  • Superior Security: It uses the most advanced techniques to protect your digital currencies against viruses. Use the HW wallet’s software for safe trading.
  • Simple Backup and Recovery: With the straight backup and recovery process, you can manage your cryptocurrency effortlessly.
  • You device generates a 12 word recovery sentence to recover your private keys. So no need to worry, even if you lose or break your keepkey.
  • Sleek Design: It is sleek, lightweight and fully discreet in design. It has large display that provides all the information that you need to check about your bitcoin.

KeepKey Promos and Discounts

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Why Do You Need KeepKey?

There are so many online bitcoin wallet, but why do you need hardware wallet like KeepKey. Our team of Help I Need help found some strong points for you.

  • It is fully proof device. The device doesn’t have any Os that most of viruses or malware are effecting.
  • KeepKey is a USD class device with large display.
  • The KeepKey is a PIN-protected device. So even if it is lost, nobody can access your precious data. Furthermore the private key is stored within your hardware wallet.
  • It generates bitcoin private key through the hardware based random number.

Products and Pricing

ShapeShift is the company behind several cryptocurrencies related services and products. It includes Keep Key, Fox Tokens, CoinCap, and Trading Platform. Price of the KeepKey is $79 only. The entire package includes a hardware wallet, recovery sentence backup card and a woven USB cable. There are some independent platforms like Amazon, eBay sell these hw wallet. However, I suggest to get it from official site only.

3 FAQs by HelpINeedHelp Experts

How to redeem a KeepKey coupon code?

The entire process of redeeming your promo code is simple. Just copy the voucher code, and visit the special discount price page provided here. Goto your cart to enter the code.

How much KeepKey discount can I get?

Presently, HelpINeedHelp has an exclusive KeepKey coupon code to bring down original price to 50% off. It includes free shipping too.

What is refund and warranty?

KeepKey provides 30 days money back guarantee, if you are not happy with the features or functions. provides one year limited warranty on your wallet.

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