Heirloom Hourglass Discount: Cool Upto 40% Promo Code

Today; I am going to share a Heirloom Hourglass verified coupon code to get up to 40% discount on next order.

Heirloom Hourglass is the beautiful original sand ceremony hourglass. You can use it as a wedding hourglass or send it as gift to your loved ones. The wedding sand is the well-known unity ceremony and everyone wants to make it memorable. They carry wide range of set and glasses; so you can always find something that match your beach or church wedding theme. It is going to be a great gift for Engagement, wedding, anniversary, honeymoon, Valentine day or any other occasion.

heirloom hourglass unity sand ceremony discount coupon

Heirloom Hourglass is the proud manufacturer and designer of sand ceremony sets. Apart from hourglasses; they also offer jewelry, wedding bands, personalize gifts, engraves and charms too. It is one of the oldest brand; when It comes to buy hourglass. Hourglass is fully assembled and ready-to-use with your sand. You can also open or empty it at anytime. It is fully reusable, long lasting and cost-effective device.

Top rated Heirloom Hourglass Coupons and Codes

Upto 30% Off (100% Working) – Choose from various patterns and colors of unity sand ceremony hourglass and get each at whopping 30% off the regular price.

FREESHIPWB418 – Apply a code to get a free shipping on any order of wedding bands. No any minimum purchase requirement. However a code is valid for United States orders only. The regular fees will be charged for all the international orders.

Flash Sale – It’s time to grab a most popular hourglass and many other accessories at whopping up to 35% discount price. All the sale orders are final. It is going to be now or never offer; so make sure to catch if you can.

Halloween and Thanksgiving Offer – During the Halloween and Thanksgiving day; you can buy select wedding items at up to $30 off.

Black Friday and Christmas Event – The Black Friday, Christmas and New Year are the best time to buy gift items. You could save up to 50% off on select models and designs. Please refer the link to find more details about same.

Is It Best Sand Ceremony Hourglass?

A Heirloom Hourglass is the family business which was started back in 2007. Initially; they were selling a hourglass for wedding, Anniversary, Engagement and other occasions. On the 10th anniversary; they started offering wedding bands, photo frames and many more items. Today you can find dozens of designs from vintage to modern. Apart from the couple hourglass, Heirloom also feature family sand unity hourglass. They provide full repair or replacement service in case your product gets broken.

All their products are made in US and handcrafted from highest quality materials. So that It can last for long period of time. You can fill your Heirloom Hourglass with different colors of sand, scented soil, sea glass, shells and few more things. However I suggest to use sand only to increase the life of your hourglass.

Type of Products and Pricing

They basically offer two type of hourglasses are available; Heart Shaped and Original Sand ceremony hourglass. The price of Health shape model range from $149 to $199, while the price of Original model start from as low as $89 only. You can try above Heirloom Hourglass coupon code to save on shipping. On a positive note; they allow to stack a promo code on a sale order. So you can easily save anything from $10 to $50 per order.

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