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Are you a beginner or even an intermediate who want to learn trading? Do you want to start trading as full time or part time? Don’t have much time and even don’t want to waste your money with guess work? are you looking for effective way to make money from trading? no worries, hereĀ  you go.

Today, we are happy to share some cool Bookmap discount code and deals for all our readers. Make sure to scroll the page down and you will find list of promo codes here only.

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I have been in Forex trading since last few years. I am still learning and trying to figure out the best method to make consistent profit. One day, I came to Bookmap and decided to try it on my demo trading first. After testing for a week, I switched to premium plan of Bookmap with live forex acct. The result is outstanding, overall I am happy.

Top Most Bookmap Coupons and Offer Codes

SAVE15 (Editor’s Choice)

Copy and apply the promo code to your first month membership order. Get 15% off the retail price order.

Save 20% OFF (Most Popular)

Choose Global, Digital Plus or any other membership for entire year, and you will get 20% discount. Simply click and get the offer now.

Up To 50% OFF Lifetime Deal

Now you can subscribe for Bookmap lifetime membership. No any recurring payment. Save whopping up to 50% off on entire order.

Bookmap: All In One Market Data Analyzer

Based in Limassol, Cyprus, Bookmap is the cutting edge online trading platform. They have corporate office in New York as well. The platform uses the order book heatmap to showcase the market liquidity in front of traders. With the several proprietary indicators, Bookmap helps gain to deep knowledge of market, so that you can make perfect trading decision. Will there by up or down trend? no more guess. Now you took can trade like a pro.

Candlestick chart is very complex and may create confusion, especially if you are new to trading. This is where you need trading platform like Bookmap which gives you market insight with the help of heatmap charts. You can identify upcoming volume exhaustion or absorption in real time and also find the area of hidden liquidity.

If you are looking for the Bookmap promo code, then you are in correct page. Please browse above section and get your coupons now. Enjoy unbeatable discount on your next order.

Stunning Features of Bookmap

Bookmap comes with three main features, Heatmap, Volume and Indicators. The Heatmap gives an overview of historical order book limit. This is how you can get an idea of which price level is trusted and which to avoid. The Volume helps to identify the exact trend of the market with volume dots and volume delta.

Team of Bookmap has developed unique set of indicators that give more power to the traders. The indicators helps to detect iceberg, large lot, advanced volume delta, and imbalance too.

The platform breakdown the complex data into easily digestible graph, so that you can understand the market and react as quick as possible.

Bookmap Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes: 2

Average discount: 23% off

Last Update: week before

Plans and Pricing

There are four different memberships available for the users of Bookmap; Digital, Digital Plus, Global and Global Plus. The Digital is forever Free and best for Crypto only. It comes with limited features, so if really want to be successful trader then go for paid plans. The Digital Plus cost $19 per month only. It comes with Heatmap, Volume dots, Record, Poc, Volume profile columns etc. The Global is available for Stocks, Futures and Crypto too. It cost $49 per month only. The Global Plus cost $99 per month only. Here you can have one click trading for crypto. It comes with LLT, Strength level and imbalance too. Don’t forget to get discount with the help of Bookmap coupon code.

3 FAQs

Who can use Bookmap?

Basically Bookmap is the desktop application available for all types of traders. Whether you are a day trader, swing trader or a scalper; the platform is perfect for everybody. You can trade stocks, and cryptocurrencies too.

Can I use Bookmap coupon code on all orders?

Majority of the promo codes are sitewide valid. However, there are some coupons that you can use for certain Bookmap plans only. For example, the lifetime coupon is valid for lifetime membership only, you cannot use for monthly plan.

What is the maximum allowed Bookmap discount?

There is no any limit to get discount. Based on your Bookmap coupon code, you can expect 5% off to as much as 90% off. Make sure to combine multiple promotions for highest discount on your order.

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