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Are you an avid or a frequent user of MAC os? Do you want to enhance your Mac user experience? Are you struggling with the traditional input devices on your PC? no worries, here is the solution for you. Do you want BetterTouchTool discount code, but don’t know the exact place? well, scroll the page down  to fetch your promo code now.

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I personally tested BetterTouchTool for my MAC usage, and I am very happy with the result. The best thing about the is that you get 45 days to test their tool set, which is more than enough for anybody. No any commitment and requirement, so you should start your trial immediately.

Top Most BetterTouchTool Coupons and Offer Codes

Up to 70% OFF (Lifetime Deal)

No any recurring payment needed. Now you can get the lifetime license of BetterTouchTool at $20.5 only. That’s whopping up to 70% discount.

Start Risk-Free Trial

Simply hit the link to download the app that you can try on your Mac OS for 45 days for FREE. No any payment details needed.

Standard License For $8.5

Now you can order your standard license for $8.5 only. No any promo code needed.

Up to 15% OFF Subscription

Order your app from the Setapp – a subscription based service. It is available at 15% off for the new users.

BetterTouchTool: The Must-Have Tools For The Mac Users

BetterTouchTool is an emerging Mac utility developed by the team of Folivora AI GmbH. It was founded Andreas Hegenberg in early 2018. He has been developing iOS and MacOs products since 2009. The folivora is Munich, Germany based digital company focuses on app development for Mac and iOS users.

You must be wondering what the heck do this BetterTouchTool is? well, it is the list of some great feature packed app that help you customize various input devices on your Mac. Well, there is the time when we need to change or customize our input device. Unfortunately, the Mac doesn’t have any option for the same. This is where the Better Touch Tool comes into the picture.

If you are planning to buy the premium license with the lack of budget, then you should consider using our BetterTouchTool promo codes. We have the discount that you are looking for. So make sure to check above section first.

Why Choose Better Touch Tool?

BetterTouchTool supports wide selection of devices including Macbook, Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, Siri, Normal Mouse, Touchbar, Keyboard shortcuts and many more.

Support for Handy Tools

The BTT includes some must have tools for every Mac owners; such as screenshot tool, editor, clipboard manager, window switcher, customizable window snapping, moving tools and many more.

Outstanding Support

The team of is very supportive to handle all your queries. Furthermore, the update and release new version at every few weeks, so keep you updated every time.

BetterTouchTool Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes: 2

Average discount: 30% off

Last update: Today only

Plans and Pricing

There are two different BetterTouchTool licenses available for the users. The Standard license supports free updates for 2 years. After that you will able to use the last version that you got within that timeframe. It cost you one time price of $8.5 only, depends on your country and taxes. The Lifetime license comes with the lifetime updates and supports. It cost you $20.5 only. Furthermore, the license is valid for the all the new macOS apps that they release during the first two years after you purchase.

In case of any problem don’t hesitate to use our BetterTouchTool coupon codes. It is the best way to get your discount.

3 BetterTouchTool FAQs

Can I combine my BetterTouchTool discount with lifetime deal?

You can combine your BetterTouchTool coupon code with the lifetime deal or any other promotion as long as it doesn’t break the terms and condition. So, I suggest to first check the terms and condition and then only apply any of your discount.

Where can I use my BetterTouchTool coupon code?

All the promo codes listed here are available exclusively for the official only. You cannot use our coupon on any other third party sites.

Do the Folivora provide money back guarantee?

Yes, of course! The Folivora provides the 14 days money back guarantee. You must message them within the 14 days from the date of purchase to qualify for same.

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