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XWatch is the most advanced, fitness smartwatch, especially to track your daily routine. It is stylish and elegant wrist watch available for all the ages. In today’s stressful lifestyle most of people ignore their health. It is impossible to monitor our body and overall health daily; due to busy lifestyle. There is a revolutionary device that keeps checking your body and alert you; whenever needed. So you can follow your daily routine without worrying about health.

X-Watch 50% off coupon code

Unlike many other Smartwatches that simply track your burned calories and steps; the XWatch goes far beyond that. It can monitor your heart rate, sleep pattern and electrocardiograms. This fitness watch is designed to match the aptness of the current market. It has wide range of functions and looking awesome on your wrist. Buy hey, what is the price? Don’t worry! You can get this cutting-edge smartwatch at a fraction of the price. Furthermore; operating the X-Watch is as easy as 1-2-3. There isn’t any rocket science.

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What Makes This Smartwatch So Special?

XWatch was launched in 2015 by hieu doan. This ultra-modern gadget has so many functionalities, hence It become the must-to have tech device. Whether you are young or old aged who want to monitor health on a daily basis; this smart watch fulfill your purpose. It is sleek, lightweight and skin friendly, so you can use it for everyday watch as well. Monitors your heart rate, calories count and tracks your fitness activities. Moreover, it can read your important emails and manages your phone calls too. ECG monitoring takes hardly few minutes to take your electrocardiogram and sync result with a smartphone application.

What are the Key Features of X Watch?

  • This Smartwatch is fast charging and also last a long time; up to 5 days after just one hour of charging.
  • HD super ratio touchscreen to perform various actions. You can set alarms, check messages, speak to your calendar and many more thing.
  • An Android and iOS application with support of over 20 languages.
  • It is water-proof and resistant to shock. A gadget is compatible with most of smartphone including Android and Apple iOS.
  • High quality, scratch resistant alloy metal case with both sided harden glass.
  • It is Bluetooth enabled watch that takes no time to setup.

Products and Pricing

By considering the full fledged features; we can calculate the price of XWatch from $300 to $500. But, the founder decided to sell it for $99 only (with a promo code at the time of writing). Original price is $199. It seems affordable; when we compare the price with the similar feature smartwatch of Apple and Samsung. The big question is; why is it much cheaper than top brand watches? Samsung and Apple spend millions; if not billions on advertising. They add the cost of marketing to the product price and ultimately the end users have to pay much more.

Now you can order the world’s most advanced smartwatch at 50% off with our X-Watch coupon code. Please order it from an official website only. An official site (Hyperstech) give you one year warranty and three year additional warranty on your gadget purchase.

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