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Are you from Asian countries? Do you want to enhance look of your eyelash? Are you fed up of trading eye lashes that are available for western eyes only? Are you looking for lashes that are exclusively made for your kind of eyes? no worries, here is the solution.

Make sure to first take a look at the Quincy Lash discount code. Please scroll the page down and you will find list of promo codes here. It is the best way to save money.

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We are Asian couple, living abroad. My wife like eye-lash but can hardly use due to the different shapes and less availability. One day, I suggested here to try Quincy Lash. She immediately ordered a pair. The shipping process was super fast and smooth. The order comes with instruction to use Quincy Lash. So it became easy for her to apply and remove. Overall, we are happy with the service and quality.

Top Most Quincy Lash Coupons and Offer Codes

BHAVINSWADAS (Exclusive Deal)

Here is the 100% working promo code for all the readers. Please copy and paste at your any order for instant 10% off.

Save Up To 35% OFF (Kit Promotion)

Choose from wide selection of starter kit and you will ended up saving up to 35% off the normal price here. Furthermore, you get free shipping on any order of $79 or more.

Flash Sale

For a limited time only, you can purchase magnetic lashes at huge discount price. Make sure to visit the sale section for the same.

Quincy Lash: The Only Effective Magnetic Lashes For Asian Eyes

Based in Singapore, Quincy Lash is the eCommerce portal leading with the beauty and makeup products for Asian people only. We all likes false lashes, and in fact use it for long period of time. Most of us wear it on daily basis for the entire day. However we don’t like traditional glue lashes, especially during those hot summer day. This is where the magnetic lash comes into the picture. Magnetic lashes by Quincy Lash is quick and easy to wear. It is gentle on your eyes and reusable too. You would be happy to know that lashes of Quincy Lash are cut shorter, so that it can be easily fitted in most Asian eyes.

The lashes are natural and safe to wear for whole day too. Most importantly, the Quincy Lash is now upgraded with the 10 micro magnets. Previously, there were just 5 magnets per lash, but now you will have more power to your eyes.

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Quincy Lash Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes: 4

Average Quincy Lash discount promo: 10% off

Last Update: 4 days ago

Products and Pricing

At Quincy Lash, you can purchase the complete package, or the magnetic lashes only. They also have wide range of accessories including Pretty pink lash curler, Beary clean brush cleaner, magic magnetic eyeliner, and eye shadow palette. It cost anything from $6 to as much as $25 only. There are 8 different kinds of magnetic lashes available; Kitty, Cora, Mira, Esme, Lucia, Luna, Nova and Roxy. It cost $30 per lash kit.

You can also choose from 4 different Lash kit packages; Magnetic Lash kit starter pack, Extension Detox pack, The QuincyLash Quartet Pack, The QuincyLash Collection Pack. It cost you $68, $74, $105 and $156 respectively. You get huge discount when purchase any of above pack. You don’t even need any Quincy Lash coupon codes for same.

3 FAQs

How to apply Quincy Lashes?

Well, the entire process of applying your lashes is very simple and quick. You need to open the magnetic eyeliner bottle. Apply it to your eyes and wait for at least 90 seconds to set it down. Bring your lashes close and it will attach to the lash line automatically. Adjust the lashes into the perfect positions and you are good to go.

Do you have sitewide valid Quincy Lash coupon code?

Yes, of course. We have sitewide valid promo code that you can use against any order. Make sure to purchase the higher value kit or a bundle from Quincy Lash to get most out of the coupon here.

Can I get Quincy Lash discount by referring friends?

You can claim the rewards when you refer your friend to their site. Once you friends make the first purchase, you both will get rewards. Later you can turn your rewards into the Quincy Lash coupon code for your next order.

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