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MOFT is the latest series of invisible stand for Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone. If you are road-side warrior who often have to work on your gadgets; then this is the perfect stand. The unique and minimalist design makes it winner when it comes to select stand. It is not only unseen when attached to your Laptop; but unfelt when in use and unnoticed when you carry. The purpose of stand is not to perfect your device; but to perfect you and your experience while using it.

moft x stand coupon code

MOFT is the short form of Mobile Office for Traveler. In fact; It is the world’s first invisible laptop stand. As you know that; every stands at provide perfect angle when you open it. It is designated in a way to give you natural gestures; when you are accessing your Laptop or Phone. The Moft X stand enhance your personal experience by giving perfect neck tilt, eye viewing angle, back and wrist comfort. That’s the main reason to choose stand for your daily gadgets.

Top rated Moft X Coupons and Codes

NEW10 or WELCOME (Editor’s Choice) – Copy and paste either at your cart to receive 10% discount on order of $20 or more. Plus, you get free shipping on order over $39. It is valid for a new user only.

Special Deal (Most Popular) – During the special event; you enjoy whopping 20% off on the select stand. An offer is valid on Phone stand, Magic Wrapper cloth and few other accessories.

Combo Offer – For a limited time; choose from the select combo packages and save up to $10 off. It includes their most selling products such as Phone, Tablet and Laptop stands.

GZ20 or SUMMER2019 (Unreliable) – These are some old vouchers that may no longer work. However; you should try it. Enjoy up to 25% off; when you redeem it your cart.

Is It Worth To Try Laptop Stand?

MOFT was founded in early 2017 by Julianna He – a female entrepreneur who travels a lot. Since last decade; what has changed a lot is our digital life. We spend more and more time on gadgets like Laptop, Phone and Tablet. Julianna was living flying life; but the main problem was the awful experience. If you often work on hotel rooms, airport, cafes and car; then you are about to danger your health. Since; most of time we don’t get enough accessory and we need to work by keeping Laptop on lap. That is the main cause of your potential health issues.

Why To Choose Moft Stand?

  • The Original stand is dual-angle adjustable to give you two angle for your work purpose.
  • A tiny little body can holds up to 18lbs of weight.
  • Accessory is made up from durable and strong material to give you pleasant experience.
  • It is ultra thin and light weight, so you can comfortably carry it anywhere.
  • Easy attach and remove it to your device in as little as few seconds.
  • It is universal stand that you can use for any Laptop, Phone and Tablet.

Products and Pricing

There are three main products available at Moft; Original Laptop Stand, Moft X and Moft Z. The Original stand cost as low as $24.99. It is available in six different colors. Now, you can also order Laptop stand in Artist and Graphic editions. That may cost little high. The Moft X is stand for Phone and Tablet. You can use it for Notebook, iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung S, Note and other Smartphone. The starting price is $19.99 only. The Moft Z is the latest 4-in-1 invisible sit stand laptop desk. It cost just $59.99.

Do you want flat 10% off on your very first order? All you need to subscribe to their newsletter and they will send your unique promo code. You should combine your Moft stand coupon code with combo deal and free shipping for even more saving.


Originally posted 2020-03-10 11:58:06.

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