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Buy metabolism tracker at $50 discount price + free shipping. Redeem our coupon code for extra 10% off here. is the world’s first, portable metabolism tracking device. Measuring your metabolism hasn’t been easier at all! Earlier, it was available to the sportsman, hospitals and an army personnel only. Fortunately, it is made available to everyone now. No need to take your blood or urine samples. You don’t even have to visit laboratory. All you need to use an over the counter, and hand-held device to check your metabolism fast and accurately. metabolism coupon code


In today’s era; we use technology everywhere, and medical field isn’t excluded from it. is the result of the combination of technology, and the medical science. This tiny little device lets you track your metabolism to know where your body is at. This rechargeable device connects with a Smartphone application to provides all the information that you were looking for. Whether you are an individual, a coach or a medical practitioner; the is the best way to know if your body is using carbs or fats for fuel.

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Is It a Reliable Device To Measure Your Metabolism? is your personal metabolism tracker. It was launched in 2017 by twin sisters – Michal and Merav. They are scientists and athletes, and want to help everyone to measure metabolism everyday. Since it is the key parameter to live healthy life. In fact, the device not only tracker your metabolism; but also provides personalized nutrition and custom meal plans. Do you want to lose or maintain your weight? Do you want to track your sleep and activities? then you must try this product. It provides every bit of information including workout suggestions too.

How Does Different Than Others?

Your metabolic process can be affected by your daily activities, sleep pattern and diet as well. Know what to eat, and how to optimize your workout to improve your transfiguration. You can track your metabolic flexibility on daily basis with just one minute of usage. The device connects with a Smart app to provide easy to understand and real time details about your body. An app provide personalized daily meal plan and workout guide to fuel your body. It provides a Lumen Flex Score that is key to know about your result and goal.

How To Use Effectively?

So you have decided to order this wonderful device; but still want to how exactly does it work. Please refer below steps for same:

  • The device has a CO2 sensor and a flow meter to find out the CO2 concentration in a single breath.
  • All you need to put it into your mouth and inhale a required volume of air through the device. Please hold it for approx 10 seconds to fully exhaling.
  • It utilizes RER metrics to determine your CO2 consumption. High carbon dioxide means carb burn; while the low Co2 means fat burns.

This is how the Lumen me gives an accurate and real-time information about your metabolism.

Product Specification and Pricing

The retail price of is $349 only. The box contains a Lumen device, charging dock, USB-c cable and a travel case. You will get a membership of iOS/Android app for FREE. Once fully charged; it last for up to 14 days in normal use. A device support Bluetooth and some other tech for better connectivity. They provide free shipping to worldwide order.

There is a coupon code for a bulk purchase order. Save 10% off on your multiple orders. Don’t worry if you want to buy a single monitor. You can still save $50 off, and that is without any promo code. The company provide a one year warranty on hardware and charging dock. Moreover; they offer 14 days return policy; if you are not happy with your tracker.

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