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You might have heard nothing is permanent except changes. Since last few centuries transportation see rapid and continuous growth. From bullock and horse-cart, now we are seeing airplane, car, truck and what’s not. All the modern vehicles need fuel like gas, petrol etc. It is not good for environment. Moreover, the price of crude is hiking up and up every day. So what’s the better solution?

get levy electric scooter discount code

Levy Scooter is not your average scooter brand. It is an electric scooter company that features different models as per your requirement. It is lightweight, durable and foldable scooter. In fact, Levy Scooter is the first electric scooter that comes with changeable Panasonic battery. So you will never run out of power.

While most of electric bike has small and low range battery, but the Levy Electric Scooter is totally different. Here you get enough battery power that can last longer and loads heavy person too. With that being said, the entire structure of scooter is strong enough, yet lightweight for better mileage.

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Top Most Levy Scooter Coupons and Offer Codes

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Please paste this promo code to order levy products at 15% off the normal price. The exact validity is not available. You get free shipping with any order above $599.

Levy Scooter – The Best Electric Scooter Brand You Can Trust Upon

Based in Ludlow Street, New York; the Levy Scooter is the proud manufacturer and supplier of electric scooters and accessories. It was started with the mission to provide unique and affordable transport options to everybody. The team of levy make it lightweight to provide perfect alternative to go anywhere at anytime you wish. Whether you are looking to buy or rent an eScooter, the Levy Electric is the perfect option. Your scooter has super bright LED headline and taillight to keep your safe whenever you riding no matter day or night.

Please take a look at below section to find the strong points to buy Levy Scooter instead of other brands.

Levy Scooter Promos and Discounts

List of coupon codes: 1

Average discount: 15% off

Last Updated: Few Days Ago

Why Choose Levy Scooter?

It comes with three different modes; Beginner, Eco and Sports mode. You get speed up to 18mph. Furthermore, it has cruise control feature too.

Your scooter is equipped with 6.4Ah powerful Panasonic lithium-ion batter pack. It gives you 10 mile range. eBike has long lasting and fast charging battery.

Total weight of scooter is just 27 pounds. Furthermore, it is foldable, so you can carry and store it anywhere.

It has 8.5 inch tubeless and pneumatic tires. This heavy tire are capable of absorbing any maximum shock. So you can carry your electric scooter to any road condition.

Levy has front e-brake, and rear disc brake for smooth and safe riding.

Products and Pricing

There three Levy Scooter models available buy online or at local retail stores. You can also rent their scooter if you want for certain period only.

Price of The Levy Original is $499 only. It gives up to 10 miles of average with 6.4ah battery.

The Levy Plus is the most popular model that is available for $699 only. It includes 10.4ah LG battery and gives 16 miles of range per charge.

Do you want more mileage? then you should order Levy Plus – Extended Range. It cost $749, and provides 20 miles per charge. It contains 12.8Ah battery pack.

3 FAQs by Help I Need Help Experts

How to get your Levy Scooter coupon codes?

Please subscribe to their email newsletter to get your unique promo code. You can also check HelpINeedhelp to find the latest promotion, discount and deals on Levy Scooter.

Can I get Levy Scooter discount on all the models?

Yes of course. While most of the Levy Scooter coupon codes are sitewide, however some of their promotion are valid for Levy plus or original models only.

What is the return and shipping policy?

Every order of Levy Scooter is valid for 14 days money back guarantee. They provide 6 months limited warranty when you purchase electric scooter from their website.

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