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HelpINeedHelp is here to provide Coinkite coupon codes for hardware wallets. You get huge discount and free shipping at!

Well, there are so many software wallets available to store your bitcoins and other currencies. But do you think all those are enough? No! If you want to protect your cryptocurrency from hackers, then you must need full-proof security. That is only possible with the help of hardware wallet only, since they don’t have any connection to the web.

coinkite promo code

Coinkite is the manufacturer and supplier of wide range of cryptocurrency products. They have pretty much experience in bitcoin security and hardware field. By taking advantage of that, the company came with some open-source cold-wallet to store your cryptos.

Coinkite has been in the cryptocurrency market since 2012, today they are the most safest and easiest way to accept and store your Bitcoins.

Don’t buy your crypto wallet at full price. You have to power to save huge with Coinkite discount coupons. Below are the full details about promotional offers and deals.

Top Most Coinkite Coupons and Offer Codes


Use this promo code to receive 5% off on your entire order when you pay in the Bitcoin. Make sure to stack this code with other promotion.

Save Up to $75 OFF (Best Value)

Choose from the wide range of special bundles to order ColdCard, Industrial MicroSD, SpeedPlate, Coldcard Adapter and other accessories at amazing discount price. You can expect $10 to as much as $80 off as per the bundle you order.

Up to 15% OFF (Editor’s Choice)

For a limited time only, you can order 3 pack of Opendime V4 at 15% off the normal price. No need to redeem any promo code, just follow a link to claim a deal.

Super Hot CoinKite Sale (Ongoing!)

Head to get the most popular crypto products and accessories on a sale. It includes USB cable, MicroSD, SeedPlate, Capsule Dice Set and many more.

Free Shipping without coupon

Place an order of $299 or more to get a free shipping in United States of America.

Coinkite – The Cryptocurrency Hardware and Software Brand

Based in Toronto, Canada, Coinkite is the bitcoin security expert and manufacturer of various hardware devices. It was founded in 2012 by Rodolfo Novak with the mission to help bitcoin owner to keep their cryptos in safe and secure environment.

According to the financial experts, the cryptocurrency give the highest return of investment. That’s why more and more people diverts or include crypto into their portfolio. You have spend hard time to earn money, and decided to invest those into digital coins. But what if somebody hack your account and get all your hard earned bitcoins. Due to the nature of currency, nobody can track and get it back.

That’s the reason, HelpINeedHelp suggest to use hardware wallet from Coinkite. It gives you extra layers of security and avoid all kind of possible threat and attempt to fetch your sensitive data. It is built on the latest algorithm and hardware technology that nobody can see your transaction.  Don’t forget to use our Coinkite promo code to get discount. Even if you don’t find coupon, you will get discount at

Most importunately, nobody can access your bitcoins and password even if you loss your Coinkite.

Coinkite Promos and Discounts

Available coupon code: 1

Average discount value: 15% off

Last Updated: Today only

Products and Pricing

Coinkite manufactures and supplies wide range of bitcoin security hardware devices.

OpenDime is the world’s 1st real physical bitcoin. You can order the bundle of three Opendime at the discount price of $49.94 only, normally $60.

Coldcard is the highly secured hardware wallet. Retail price of Coldcard Mk3 is $119.97 only.

BlockClock Mini is the bitcoin data display. You can use it display bitcoin price, balance and more. It is available at price of $399 only.

SeedPlate is the bitcoin backup metal plate. You can get it on a discount for $47.97, normally $59.99.

ColdPower is the no data USB adapter. It is available at the cost of $19.99 only.

3 Coinkite FAQs by Help I Need Help

Do you have verified Coinkite coupon codes?

Yes, all our promo codes and promotional offers of Coinkite are manually checked by the team of expert. We update our discount voucher once in a week.

How do I get latest Coinkite discount?

Please signup for the email newsletter of an official website to get an alert about the ongoing Coinkite coupon codes, vouchers and deals. Alternatively, you can also check here.

What about the shipping and refund policy?

Coinkite provides free shipping for order over $299. In case of any defective piece you can ask for a replacement. But make sure to contact them immediately.

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