ClickMagick Discounts: Get Promo Code for Tracking Platform

If you are spending a full price on your membership of ClickMagick then you must think about the promo code. With a ClickMagick coupon code, you will get a discount on your entire any subscription purchase.

Are you an online marketer, a blogger or ads agency owner? Do you often run the social media, search engine or paid ads for your brands or clients? Are you messing up with the ads for your various campaigns? Do you want to measure the result for every ads you run? well, we have a perfect solution for you.

Firstly, you should subscribe with our special ClickMagick discount code. Please scroll the page down and you will find the latest promo codes within this page itself.

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I have been an affiliate marketer and a blogger since 2010. Earlier, I was used to spend money on ads with guess work and the given metrics by the ads provider. However, after using the ClickMagick I could completely transform the way I spend on ads. With ClickMagick , I get full in-sight about my advertisement and seamlessly track my impressions and clicks. The best thing is their compatibility and price. Thank you very much.

Top Most ClickMagick Coupons and Offer Codes

GET50OFF (Trending Now)

Go ahead and redeem the promo code for 50% saving on your entire order. Valid for the select plans only.

Up To 20% OFF (Most Popular)

Now you can choose the annual subscription to claim 20% discount. Click here and claim it now.

14 Days Free Trial

It’s time to enjoy the full features of ClickMagick for 14 days for a FREE. Valid credit card needed.

ClickMagick – The Platform For Solid Tracking and Attribution

I would like to share my personal experience with ClickMagick. It is totally unique tracking service that completely changed the way I manage my online ads. If you are serious to maximize your ad campaigns and want to find out the most profitable sources of clicks, then this is the tool

Before using ClickMagick, I was confused with the lack of data regarding my ads. Literally, I spent so much time and money on ads with very less result. The worst thing, I spend time and money to just find which sources were actually driving the most profitable clicks. But it never worked.

Thankfully, that I could discover the ClickMagick. It is the last tracking service that you will every need to findĀ  the best ads campaign. No more guess work. Now I can see what works and what not? Basically, it save my time and money too. The platform empowers me to track every aspect of my ads such as CTR, conversions, impression. Most importantly, I can figure it out through the beautiful dashboard.

If you are planning to optimize your ads and want to find the target audience, then the ClickMagick is the best option for you.

Are you here after searching for ClickMagick promo code? Do you want a discount on your subscription order? Please refer above section and find the discount coupons now.

ClickMagick Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes – 1

Approx discount – 15% off

Last Upload – 5 days back

Subscription and Pricing

There are three different memberships available at ClickMagick; Starter, Standard and Pro. The Starter is for a beginner who want to find the best ads for their campaign. It costs $49 per month only. The Standard costs $99 per month only. It supports 100,000 clicks per month. It is the most popular plan. The Pro is for the power user with so much requirements. It costs $199 per month only. With the ClickMagick coupons, you will get a discount on your entire order.

3 FAQs for Voucher Codes

Can I use a ClickMagick coupon code on renewal order?

Unfortunately, you cannot use any promo code for the renewal order. ClickMagick allows the coupon for a new purchase only. You need to place a new order with monthly or yearly billing option to claim the discount.

Do they they offer a lifetime ClickMagick discount?

From time to time, they company release the ClickMagick coupon code that you can use to get a recurring discount on their subscription purchase. You must keep your subscription active to claim the lifetime discount. However, there is no any lifetime deal with one time payment.

How to claim a free trial?

The ClickMagick free trial is available for all the first time user. You must signup with your full name and all the details to claim their free trial. You may need to supply the valid ID and billing information for it.

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