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Cerra Water Pitcher turns your tap water into mineral rich water. It helps to make your water alkaline which has micro clustered properties, antioxidant and healing frequencies. Out drinking water has the highest impact on our health. Feel better, look younger and keep hydrated with the help of antioxidant alkaline water. Why should you go for low quality pitcher; when you can use the best alkaline pitcher that uses safest plastic!

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Unlike many other water filters; the Cerra Water Pitcher uses the latest technology to turns the water the way nature does it. The pitcher has so many benefits that the regular filtered water. Furthermore, It is the most cost-effective way to drink healthy water. It balance the ph Level of your body by transforming water into alkaline. Moreover; the pitcher promotes anti-oxidants that helps to eliminate free radicals that is primary reason to cause cellular damage. The Cerra Water Pitcher has ability to filter up to 3.3 liter water, so enough to fit into your refrigerator.

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Is It The Best Alkaline Antioxidant Water Pitcher?

Based in BC, Canada; the Cerra Water is the leading pitcher that alkaline and antioxidant normal water. The tap water is little acidic and cause so many health issue. Now you can transform your normal water into healthy mineral rich water. It uses the highest quality materials in filter and pitcher. It is developed from certified food grade plastic with German TUV certificate. The plastic material is BPS and BPA free.

  • What are the benefit of drinking alkaline water? Detox the body from harmful chemicals, pesticides and impurities.
  • Helps to improve your immune system by adding antioxidants and vital nutrients.
  • It break up large clusters of water into smaller one for better hydration.
  • Helps to lose weight and restrict unwanted weight gain. It is the best natural solution than artificially filter using electricity.
  • Filters impurities like heavy metals and energize the tap water through BFIT.

How Does Cerra Water Pitcher work?

It works in six step process.

  1. First is filtration to reduce smell and improve taste.
  2. Transform regular water into alkaline.
  3. Adds anti-oxidants to help reduce pain, inflammation and aging.
  4. In the 4th step, it adds H2 molecular hydrogen and another anti-oxidants.
  5. Converts unorganized water into hexagonal pattern for better hydration.
  6. Last step is to energized it with the help of proprietary BFIT method.

Products and Pricing

The entire package of Cerra Water comes with one Pitcher, a replacement cartridge and one bottle of PH testing kit. The alkaline cartridge can last for approx 5 months and filters up to 750 liters of water. The price of a Pitcher is $89.99 only. The price of a single filter is $39.99. In fact; you can order a bundle of water filter and original Pitcher for $199.95 only. Yes, you save $10 here.

A Cerra Water Pitcher coupon code is exclusively available for our readers. Please read above section to find a  promo code; if any. You can stack it with bundle promotion and free shipping to make a great deal. There is a 30 days return policy; if you don’t like their water filter.

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